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Another tile set of cars for MahJongg.
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Another tile set of cars for MahJongg.
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Contents of the CARS2.TXT file

Alternate Tile Set for Mah Jongg ver. 3.3

Tile Set Name: CARS2.TIL
Subject: International Car Logos
Created by: Glenn Smith

This is my second car tile set for Mahjongg 3.3 (the 1st,
CARS1, was dedicated to American cars). This set consists of
some of the better known auto manufacturors' logos from most
of the major car producing nations from around the world. I
would have liked to include samples from more countries, but
couldn't locate enough material to make it possible. (Perhaps,
if I can locate a better reference, there MAY be a CARS3.TIL
containing the logos of some of the (locally) lesser known
auto manufacturers from nations not represented here.)

Once again, I have reproduced the artwork of others with no
intention of making any money from them, and so have not asked
for or been granted permission to include any of the trademarks,
etc. herein. I've attempted to represent all works as accurately
as possible, but have made certain alterations due to the lim-
itations of the media & to provide better contrast, clarity and


There are 34 auto logos in this set, each of which will have
four tiles exactly alike on the Mahjongg board. The remainder of
the set includes two wild card suits, with four different tiles
each. These suits are the Tire Makers & International Road Signs
and replace the suits of seasons & flowers found in the original
Mahjongg tile set. As in the original tiles, any two will match
within the wild suit. The following is a list of all tiles found
in the CARS2 tile set:

General automobile logos:

(1) Alfa Romeo (Italy)
(2) Aston-Martin (Great Britain)
(3) Audi (Germany)
(4) Bentley (Great Britain)
(5) BMW (Germany)
(6) Bugatti (France)
(7) Chrysler (USA)
(8) Citron (France)
(9) Ferarri (Italy)
(10) Ford (USA)
(11) General Motors (USA)
(12) Honda (Japan)
(13) Isuzu (Japan)
(14) Jaguar (Great Britain)
(15) Lamborghini (Italy)
(16) Lancia (Italy)
(17) Lotus (Great Britain)
(18) Maserati (Italy)
(19) Mazda (Japan)
(20) Mercedes Benz (Germany)
(21) MG (Great Britain)
(22) Mitsubishi (Japan)
(23) Morgan (Great Britain)
(24) Nissan (Japan)
(25) Opel (Germany)
(26) Peugeot (France)
(27) Porsche (Germany)
(28) Renault (France)
(29) Rolls-Royce (Great Britain)
(30) Saab (Sweden)
(31) Subaru (Japan)
(32) Toyota (Japan)
(33) Volkswagen (Germany)
(34) Volvo (Sweden)

Tire makers:

(35) Firestone (USA)
(36) Goodyear (USA)
(37) Michelin (France)
(38) Pirelli (Italy)

Road signs:

(39) 100 KPH
(40) Petrol (gas, to us Yanks)
(41) No Left Turn
(42) Slippery When Wet

I hope you enjoy using the CARS2 tiles with Mah Jongg. I've
had a good time making these & the other sets I've done thanks
to Nels Anderson and his excellent Tile Maker utility. Enjoy.

Glenn Smith
Utica, MI

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