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Tile set for Mah-Jongg. Baseball cap emblems.
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Tile set for Mah-Jongg. Baseball cap emblems.
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Contents of the BASEBALL.TXT file

Mah Jongg Tile Set Description

Tile Set Name : BASEBALL.TIL
Subject : Cap logos of Major League Baseball Teams
Created by : Michael and Debby Fitz-Enz


Since baseball season is upon us, I felt compelled to enshrine
the cap logos from the major league teams on to Mah Jongg tiles.
I tried to stay as close to the original logo designs as I could.
The tiles are sorted alphabetically by team name (not city) and
by league. I also included the positions played, the MLB logo,
and a baseball field and ball.

American League:

1) California Angels
2) Oakland Athletics
3) Toronto Blue Jays
4) Milwaukee Brewers
5) Cleveland Indians
6) Seattle Mariners
7) Baltimore Orioles
8) Texas Rangers
9) Boston Red Sox
10) Kansas City Royals
11) Detroit Tigers
12) Minnesota Twins
13) Chicago White Sox
14) New York Yankees

National League:

15) Houston Astros
16) Atlanta Braves
17) St. Louis Cardinals
18) Chicago Cubs
19) Los Angeles Dodgers
20) Montreal Expos
21) San Francisco Giants
22) New York Mets
23) San Diego Padres
24) Philadelphia Phillies
25) Pittsburgh Pirates
26) Cincinnati Reds

Player Positions:

27) First Base
28) Second Base
29) Third Base
30) Catcher
31) Pitcher
32) Outfielder
33) Shortstop

Misc. Pics:

34) Major League Baseball Logo
35-38) Baseball field
39-42) Baseball

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