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Mirror Maze v2.0 action game, EGA/VGA needed to run best.
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Mirror Maze v2.0 action game, EGA/VGA needed to run best.
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Contents of the MIRRORS.DOC file

Mirror Maze v2.0

(c) 1989, 1990, 1991 Dave Edson

This software is Shareware. You are free to copy
and distribute this program in its entirety, without
modification. A fee of no more than $5.00 may be charged
to cover disk costs and mailing. PC User groups are
free to distribute this software to the above conditions.

You may use this software for a free 30 day trial
period. If after 30 days you are still using this
software, you are expected to pay a registration
fee of $20.00 to

Dave Edson
P.O. Box 831
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Please state the game "Mirror Maze" in the correspondance.

System Requirements

Totally compatible PC.
256K of RAM
Fully compatible EGA card. Some of the very first
EGA cards only have 64K on them-- they wont work.

A CGA version of this game with much slower graphics
can be obtained by sending $15.00 to the above address.

Packing List

MIRRORS.EXE EGA+ version of Mirror Maze v2.0
MIRRORS.200 A tag file indicating the version.

Object Of the Game

To run over every power pellet in the game grid
before running out of time.


Mirror Maze is a game of planning ahead. You are
a beam of light traveling through a grid. At each
intersection of the grid lies a mirror, a gate,
a pellet, or nothing.

A mirror is represented by a diagonal line. Both
sides of the mirrors are shiny. If you hit a mirror,
you will bounce in the direction light would
bounce. For example:

| \

You can rotate *all* of the mirrors in the maze by
pressing the space bar.

You can control your speed with the + and - keys.

A power pellet is a small square which pulses colors.
Running over the pellet gives you points. The pellet
will turn into another mirror after you run over it.
The pellet is worth 40 base points.

A gate is two parallel lines and an arrow, i.e.

\ The light beam can only travel
\ through this gate if it is
/ traveling right. Otherwise,
/ it bounces off.


Half of the mastery in Mirror Maze is learning
how to complete the maze in the allotted amount
of time. If you run out of time, you will lose
a life and given extra time.

If you complete the maze (by running over all of the
pellets), you will be awarded 160 bonus base points
for every time unit left.


Nasties are other light beams found in the game grid.
There are no nasties in the practice level. Do not
run into a nasty-- you will lose a life. However,
a nasty can run into your tail or your side without
harming you. Head on collisions are always fatal.
If you and a nasty hit opposite sides of a mirror,
you are safe.

Nasties come in three types:

Drone This nasty follows the mirrors and gates like
you do.

Smart This nasty ignores the mirrors, and hunts
you down. It also moves faster than a drone.

Brilliant This nasty ignores all gates, and hunts
you down at extremely high speeds.

An alarm will sound just before a smart or brilliant
nasty enters the screen.

By making two smart or brilliant nasties collide,
you will destroy them and score big points.


A restorer is a flashing star (*) in an aisleway
of the game grid. Running over the restorer places
a power pellet in a random intersection of the maze.

Black Holes

A black hole is a flashing square in an aisleway of
the game gris. Running into a black hole will hyperspace
you to another area of the game grid.


Scoring is awarded in base points. The game difficulty
level is between 1.0 and 3.0. The settings screen
allows you to adjust the difficulty level, which is
comprised of nasty intelligence and frequency,
restorer frequency, and black hole frequency.

All base points are multiplied by the difficulty level.


By pressing the backspace, you will be warped
to another part of the game grid. Careful, you
may not make it alive.


By pressing the shift key down, you are immune to the
hazards of the game (except running out of time).
Use this when you are surrounded by smart nasties,
or to avoid a black hole. Inviso time is limited.


+ Speed up
- Slow Down
space Rotate Mirrors
backspace Hyperspace
shift Inviso

F3 Sound Toggle
F5 or P Pause
F6 Save Game
F7 Load Game
F10 Exit to DOS
ESC End this round, play again.

If your screen breaks up while scrolling

On some Video 7 cards, the EGA emulation is not
quite right. The screen will break up during
scrolling. To fix this, run the setup program
that came with your card, and change it to
PURE mode. Contact your hardware manufacturer
for more information.


1. Don't go too fast until you really get good.
A lot of time can be wasted getting lost
in the maze this way.

2. Try to clear areas of the maze so you dont
have to go hunting for the last pellet.

3. If you dont like the color schemes, type the
word "Color" while in the settings screen.
You will be able to edit the colors for that

4. Register this product! This version has 15
levels of mazes, the registered version has

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