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VGA miniature golf, Power Putt Golf.
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VGA miniature golf, Power Putt Golf.
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Contents of the PUTTDEMO.DOC file

CLUBWARE presents VGA miniature golf ... POWER PUTT GOLF!
Miniature golf game (C) 1992, John Buckwalter & Clubware
Graphic drivers (C) 1990, Borland International, Inc.

This will run on any IBM or compatible machine with an
8086-family processor (80x86) with VGA graphics. It was
tested on a machine with 640kb RAM. The delays were adjusted
to work similarly on different processors.

Use the arrow keys to align the ball with the hole.
The crosshatch rotates 360 degrees about a 20x20 pixel
perimeter around the ball. To move the crosshatch left
and down (for example), you must move the crosshatch
ENTIRELY to the left (or right) before you can move it
up and down (and vice versa). When the ball is aligned
properly, press ENTER.

The power bar will slowly increase from 0 to 100%
power. Hit ENTER when the desired power is selected.
Keep in mind that only a LITTLE amount of power is needed
for close shots. Otherwise, the ball will jump over
the hole.

The accuracy bar will move swiftly across the screen.
Hit ENTER when the accuracy is in the MIDDLE of the bar.
Otherwise, the ball will hook left or right, depending on
where you stopped the accuracy. The further away from
center that you stop the bar, the more the ball will hook.

A maximum of SEVEN (7) strokes are allowed per hole.
If you fail to make the hole in seven shots, you will
automatically score a seven.

All 18 holes are included in the registered version.
One to four players can play the registered version, with
the leader of the previous hole going first on the next hole.
Also, the closest ball to the hole plays first.
The registered version is also mouse driven, so you can
play golf with your mouse or with the keyboard.
The scorecard denotes holes that were under par, par, and
over par, along with the relative score (over/under par).

To register your copy of Power Putt Miniature Golf, please
enclose $20 and complete the sheet below. Thanks for your

* Enjoy, and happy golfing!

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