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A very nice arcade VGA game, object is to mine for gold and silver.
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A very nice arcade VGA game, object is to mine for gold and silver.
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Contents of the MINERVGA.DOC file

Miner VGA

A sprite based game of mining

for VGA only.

Version 1.1

September 10,1989

Public Domain, FrodoSoft, Inc.

written by Harrell W. Stiles

********** Introduction **********

Miner is a game of rare earths mining. In the game, you
assume the role of a miner in search of rare earths like
silver, gold, and platinum.

The game was originally implemented on a Commodore Pet
computer in the late 70's as a text only style game. The
current version encompasses more than the original version,
but much of the charm remains intact. I wrote and released
another PC miner game (text only) several years back. That
earlier version was primitive and bears little resemblance
to the current (hopefully better) one. For this version I
started from scratch in a different language and used only
VGA screen modes. My personal goal with this program was to
gain experience working with the graphics technology of the
VGA card.

I would be very interested in locating the original
programmer of the Commodore version if anyone has any clues.

********** MinerVGA Distribution **********

MinerVGA is distributed as public domain software. You may
freely copy and distribute MinerVGA provided you receive no
compensation for doing so. There are no fees, licenses, or
other BS. Personally, I hate those companies that take PD
software and sell them to you with a charge on the diskette
that the software is contained on. It defeats the purpose
of releasing the software as PD.

Anyway, the games consists of four files:

MINERVGA.EXE the game executable file
MINERVGA.LBR the sprite library
MINERVGA.DOC this document file
MINERVGA.SAV the save game file
MINERVGA.SCR the high score file

Source code may be available. It depends on the demand. I
will likely include source listings in future releases. If
you are desperate for source code, leave a message to me on
the Walnut Creek Auntie BBS at (415) 937-0156 Harrell Stiles

MinerVGA was written in MS Quick Basic 4.0.

**********Graphics Modes and Compatibility **********

MinerVGA uses only graphics mode twelve (12). The
resolution is 640x480 with 16 colors (text 80x30). It is a
standard VGA video mode, and some EGA cards may support it
as well. I don't know if MCGA supports this mode, but you
might try. The code was written on and for VGA compatible
displays. In my opinion there are too few recreational
programs for these machines when this should be one of their
strong suits.

********** The Object and Winning **********

The object of the game is to "make a lady" out of Miss Mimi,
the owner of the brothel. If this sounds too sexist for
you, you might want to quit reading now and not play.

In essence, she has agreed to marry you IF you present her
with a diamond ring and $20,000 in cash (your mutual
retirement fund.)

"Anything less and I would be wasting my god given talents
on just one man.", says she. Because of her history of
unsanitary sexual practices you may also want to consider
having a condom as well.

You win the game when you present yourself to Miss Mimi with
$20,000 and a diamond ring. The toughest part, of course,
is mining enough ore to come up with the $20,000.

********** Key Help **********

You control your miner with the keyboard. The arrow keys
move the miner in up to 4 directions (diagonal movement is
not allowed.) Other keys are as follows:

H Help, brings up a help screen with keystroke
commands, suggestions, etc.

X eXit, ends the game. No Save, No Query, It's
over. Useful if the boss comes around the corner,
if you have saved recently.

S Save, saves the game to MINERVGA.SAV and ends the

R Restore, restores a previously saved game from

Q Quiet!, silences the program. Note: if you win
the game, you will still hear the song at the end,
even if silenced.

E Enter, used to enter buildings. Works only in
town. You must move to the space in front of the
door you want to enter.

T Top, when used in the elevator, takes you to the
top of the shaft. Otherwise, has no effect.

B Bottom, when used in the elevator, takes you to
the maximum depth available to you. Otherwise,
has no effect.

D Drill, allows you to remove granite from the mine
by drilling it out. You must have a drill to do

P Pump, allows you to remove water from the mine by
pumping it out. A bucket is required. A pump
will decrease the cost of this.

Y dYnamite, will initiate a dynamite blast sequence.
you need dynamite and a torch.

********** The Mine, the Town, and the Elevator **********

The game is in 2 dimensions, limiting you to up and down and
left and right. You move through the town, the mine, and
the elevator in the same fashion.

You have secured the mineral rights for an oddly shaped
section of earth. The dimensions of the mine are
approximately 240' wide by 960' deep.

The town lies over the top of the mine, separated by an
impassable ground water barrier that keeps the buildings
from falling into your mine. The barrier is impervious to
all but the most powerful of tools.

The Elevator shaft is on the far right of your mine and
actually is the rightmost limit to your mining area. The
elevator is your only means of transportation between the
mine and the town. It remains in the shaft and will only
move when you are in it. You cannot enter the shaft at any
point except where the elevator is.

At the start of the game the elevator has a maximum depth
that is less than the maximum depth of the mine. You can
spend money to increase your elevator's maximum depth in
increments of 60' until you have reached the bottom. Extra
depth is purchased in the general store.

********** Health and the Hospital **********

During the course of your underground adventures, you will
find there are hazards to your health - cave ins,
underground springs, etc.

Health is represented in the game as a percentage of total
health. Although it is possible to go above %100, this is
rare. Generally, your health will range from zero to one
hundred. When your health goes below %20, it will turn red
in an effort to attract your attention to your failing

If your health falls below zero you are dead and the game is
over. Health can be recovered through surgery and bed rest
at the hospital. For a price, of course.

********** Money and the Bank **********

You have available to you at the start of the game a bank
account of $1500. It is necessary to outfit yourself with
proper mining equipment, etc.. You must remember that
mining is not cheap and you will incur costs every time you
venture into the mine to explore the depths. If you run out
of money, the bank will spot you a very little bit, but
whenever your account is below 0, you run the risk of
immediately losing the game.

The bank is also the assay office, and you can exchange any
minerals you have found for a credit to your account.

********** Equipment and the Store **********

Equipment is not necessary to play the game. It is probably
necessary if you want to win, however. Pieces of equipment
fall into three categories: items that help you mine by
giving you abilities, items that are necessary in order to
do special mining tasks, and all others which generally have
some special use.

Digging implements like a shovel or pick will decrease the
basic cost of mining. Their benefit is cumulative, having
two is better than one.

Light sources increase your chance to locate minerals and
hazards before you walk right into them. Lanterns and
torches are good for this. Periodically, a light source
object might get used up and need to be replaced. Lanterns
last longer then torches. The clover will improve your

The drill is necessary to drill granite. The bucket is
necessary to pump water (the pump reduces the cost of this,
but is not necessary.)

Both the dynamite and the torch are necessary to make an
explosion. Special Note: Make sure you have a path directly
to your right to run away to or you will be caught in the
blast and suffer grievously.

Equipment can be purchased at the store. You cannot have
more than one of a given item at a time. There are several
items that cannot be bought. They must be found, stolen, or
built. There are a total of 12 items available in the game,
each with some unique property.

********** Miss Mimi's Place **********

The saloon/brothel can supply you with beer, food, condoms,
and women. More importantly, it is where you can evaluate
your progress in the game.

The saloon is closed for the first part of the game, and
Mimi is unavailable until you have a certain amount of
money. Visiting Mimi with the proper amount of money and
the ring wins the game.

Food and drink are not required to play the game. Like the
outhouse, they simply add color. The "night to remember"
option is useful because the working girls often have hints
and suggestions.

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