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Graphically displays keyboard velocity - MIDI - Try it.
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Graphically displays keyboard velocity – MIDI – Try it.
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Contents of the MIDIGRPH.DOC file

A graphic MIDI display

Copyright (c) 1988 by Mike Glass
All rights reserved

MIDIGRPH displays a 5 octave keyboard. In response to a key
being pressed on a MIDI keyboard, color bars are displayed
above the notes of the keyboard indicating the attack velocity.
When the key is released the color bar will disappear. If the
pedal has been depressed, the color bars will not disappear
until the pedal has been released. In addition, a large color
bar will appear below the keyboard to indicate that the pedal
is on. The program also responds to pitch bend and mod wheel
movement. Their color bars are displayed on the left side of
the screen and disappear if wheels are not being used.

MIDIGRPH requires a Color Graphics Adapter and a Midi Starter
System MIDI co-processor card or an Roland MPU or compatible.
It should also work on a Hercules graphics card with an

The program was written in Microsoft C 5.0 and uses the
MCC Toolkit from Music Quest** and the C Utility Library
from Essential Software.

The program was tested on a Compaq Deskpro (DOS 3.1) with a
MIDI co-processor card and a Ensoniq Mirage keyboard (5 octave,
attack and release velocity sensitive).


midigrph [-n]

-n - Disable MIDI THRU function. MIDI THRU is on by default.
All incoming data is sent to MIDI OUT.

-ix - Set interrupt level (x = 1 - 7) for interface board.
Default = 2.

-v - MIDIGRPH version number.

NOTE: 1) ends program and returns to DOS.
2) Base address defaults to 0x330.

MIDIGRPH is released into public domain and may be freely
distributed. It is illegal to sell it or any modified version
of it unless it's been modified beyond recognition of the original.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Mike Glass
P.O. BOX 671112
Dallas, Tx 75367

I'm planning on writing several more MIDI products. Coming
soon to a theater near you. Watch for them.

* One emulator that works is "HGCIBM". It's a shareware
program available on bulletin boards or from the author.

Athena Digital
145 Green Hills Rd.
Athens, Ga 30605
(404) 354-4522

** MCC toolkit Copyright (c) 1987 Music Quest, inc.

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