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MIDI exclusive patch transfer program for MPU-401 and synths.
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MIDI exclusive patch transfer program for MPU-401 and synths.
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DJW001.DX7 4224 2471 deflated
JB0001.DX7 4224 2367 deflated
JFD001.DX7 899 453 deflated
MIDIEX.DOC 1265 692 deflated
MIDIEX.EXE 16000 8189 deflated
ROM1A.DX7 4224 2272 deflated

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Contents of the MIDIEX.DOC file

The following was taken from CompuServe.


"MIDIEX is a patch exchange utility for the IPM-PC equipped with an
MPU-401 interface. It sends and reciever MIDI System Exclusive dumps
in a plain format: Hex F0, manufacturer's ID, data, and EOX (Hex F7).
You can use this utility to capture a DX7 patch dump, for example, and
upload it to this DL for all to share. Likewise it will transfer
downloaded patches to your synthesizer. ** Updated 3/28/86 to work
with rx drum machines, and other synths. ** File is 16k "


" This is a bank of 21 original patches for DX7 or TX modules. I
consider them public domain provided they are not sold to anyone. If
used in a commercial recording, please credit me. -John Duesenberry-
File is in "MIDIEX" format..."


"This a bank of 32 DX7 voices in plain vanilla MIDI System Exclusive
format, for transfer with the MIDIEX utility......."


"This is a bank of 32 *ORIGIONAL* DX-7 patches. Use MIDIEX.exe or
SYS/EX software to load into your synth via IBM PC/xt and MPU-401.
If you like these, let me know, 'cause I got more.................
Danny Weiss 70007,1512"

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