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Midi echo for IBM midi cards.
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Midi echo for IBM midi cards.
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Contents of the MIDIECHO.DOC file

1/11/88 version 1.1

!!! READ ME !!!

MIDIECHO is a small simple program that has shown itself to be
very useful for debugging MIDI systems and for exploration. It
is not intended to replace a full featured MIDI terminal program
( we are doing one ), but is great for proving that the synth is
working and you're not. It allows you to see all of the MIDI
activity that appears on the IN port of a MPU-401 or compatible.
You can also send out a sequence of bytes before the echo begins,
to prod a synth into a voice dump, etc. Its output goes to standard
output, so it can be re-directed. Pressing any key will stop the
output and return you to DOS. The last character received is shown
in the upper left-hand corner of the screen irregardless of output
redirection. Enter MIDIECHO ? for a syntax reminder.

The syntax is as below:

midiecho [!] [*] [hex string]

! - makes the program terminate before the echo begins

* - makes the program wait for a short time before proceeding
( approx 1/2 second - CPU dependent )

hex string - a sequence of hex bytes separated by spaces
ie. F0 42 40 F7

Any of the above may appear anywhere on the command line,
but must be separated by spaces.


1) midiecho
echos all MIDI activity until a key is pressed

2) midiecho 90 3C 70 * * * * 80 3C 00 !
plays a middle(?) C then returns to DOS without echo

3) midiecho F0 0F 02 00 09 F7
makes an ESQ do a dump of the current buffer ( assuming
it is set to KCPSYS ) and display the dump and any
other received bytes until a key is pressed to return
to DOS

Batch files are really useful with this program ... See
NOTE.BAT and ESQ.BAT which should be found with the program.


Use it, give it away, throw it away, have it for lunch ...
whatever you can get out of it is yours.

This program is put into the public domain in the true sense of
the phrase. You can even distribute it with your programs.

There are only two restrictions. This document must accompany
any copy of the program and neither may be modified and distributed
in their modified form. If you have a problem with either one
let me (us) know. I accept no responsiblity for any damages arising
from the program's use. As far as I'm concerned, this is a dollar
that fell out of my pocket.

One request. The form below will help us to know what programs to
create for public domain and commercial marketing. Please
take a few minutes to fill it out and mail to us.

mail to:
MicroTASK, Inc.
Playroom Software
P.O. BOX 1011
Monroe, NC 28110

phone: (704) 536-3093

Planned projects ( that can be discussed )
public domain
simple dump and upload facilities for several devices
including: KORG DS-8,DDD-1,DDD-5; ESQ 1,M; ADA MP-1;
and anything we can get complete MIDI specifications on
( special requests graciously accepted )

voice editor/librarians for DS-8, ESQ, TX81Z, ADA MP-1
that run in Microsoft Windows ( graphic envelopes, etc )
maybe a sequencer or a sample editor - all at REASONABLE prices

About the author (me)
Donald F Stegall
- wrote VM68K, a 68000 simulator for teaching assembly language
at North Carolina State University: in use since 1984 by computer
science department
- currently a micro-to-mainframe specialist with a banking software
- written approximately 140,000 lines of code since 1982
in you-name-it for you-name-it

Final note: We are talking to an established MIDI software company -
so they may not be marketed by Playroom - you'll know 'em when
you see 'em. 1/11/88

midiecho response

All items are optional

Name _________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

City ____________________ ST ______ ZIP ______________

Phone ___________________

PAN ID ___________________

Occupation ______________________________________________

Musical Interests _______________________________________

Non-Midi Equipment ______________________________________

Midi Equipment __________________________________________

How often do you work with MIDI _________________________

How often do you use MIDIECHO ___________________________

Are you using any other Playroom Software _______________

Would you like to ?______________________________________

What do you think resonable prices for the below are:
Graphic voice editors ________________________________
Sample editors _______________________________________
Sequencers ___________________________________________

Public Domain requests __________________________________
Commercial requests _____________________________________


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