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Great demonstration of an automated 10 track MIDI sequencer !.
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Great demonstration of an automated 10 track MIDI sequencer !.
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Contents of the README file

Welcome to TIFF by Dominant Functions.

TIFF is the newest sequencer on the block with the most unique combination
of features:

1. Sequencing From Disk - TIFF plays your sequences straight from
the hard disk, not RAM. Your sequences have room to grow
and can be megabytes, not kilobytes, in length.
2. Individual Track Looping - Individual tracks can be looped
(repeated) at different lengths, and you can start
sequencing from any measure. No other sequencer at
any price has these first two features in one package!
3. Punch In/Punch Out - Preselect measures to be recorded, and
play any number of measures before and after the
recorded measures.
4. MIDI Filter - Filter out MIDI data based on Pitch Bend,
Modulation Wheel, Program (Patch) Change, After Touch,
and even MIDI Note Value.
5. Track Cueing - Turn tracks on and off with a single keystroke.
No need to create and re-create files with the tracks you
want to hear.
6. Song Selection - Name your songs the way you want:
"Prelude in G Minor", not "PRLUDGM.001". So your
song names are more descriptive and usable.
7. $99.00. Yes, it costs only $99.00.

To run this demo version of TIFF type in TIFFDEMO at the DOS prompt, and
press the Enter key.

To order your copy of TIFF, write:

Dominant Functions, Inc
P.O.Box 836155
Richardson, TX 75083-6155
Attn: Distribution

or call (214) 530-7768 during normal business hours.

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