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Program by William Soleau
(c) 1992

Requirements: EGA/VGA GRAPHICS

Files Needed

Micemen.exe Micemen.ov1
Micemen.ov2 Micemen.ov3

* Objective *

The object of Mice Men is to get all twelve of your color mice
to the other end of the game board before your opponent does.
In this version you will always be playing the blue mice and the
computer will play the red mice.

* Setting Difficulty *

At the opening screen, the game will ask you for the difficulty
level of play. ard edium asy

The computer will then randomly decide who will take the first

* Play *

The game board consists of 19 columns and 13 rows of various cheese
blocks. At the start of play, the blue mice are located on the
left side of the cheese board and the red mice are on the right.
When it is your turn to play, special pushing poles will be shown
at the bottom of those columns where you have mice located. Using
your left and right arrow keys you can select the column you want.

You can either push or pull the column up or down. This will
shift the entire column in that direction. It will wrap around,
so that if you have a mouse at the top of the cheese board and you
push the column up, the mouse will now appear at the bottom.
If it's a the bottom and you pull the column down, then it appears
at the top.

By pulling and pushing columns of cheese blocks, you can create
passageways for your mice so that they can reach the right side
of the cheese board. The red mice are trying to get all the way
to the left side. After a column has been pushed, that player's
mice move as far as they can within the maze. When they can't
move any further, the opponent's mice will then move if they can.

Each side takes turns pushing and pulling columns of cheese blocks
until one player has gotten all twelve of his mice off the game

* Columns Locked Out *

There are times when you will not be allowed to select a column
even though you have mice located in it. When you have pushed
the same column a total of 6 times in a row, it will not allow
you to push or pull that column again until you've pushed one
of the others. This is not the case if you have only one possible
column to push.

Any column that has been pushed by an opponent on the previous turn
is also locked out for the next turn. A column that has been locked
out will have a yellow 'X' over the pole.

* Win/Loss/Draw *

The first player to get his twelve mice off the cheese board will
be declared the winner. If each player has only one mouse left
on the cheese board, then there will be only 8 moves left for each
player. The mouse that's further along in the cheese board will be
the winner. If both mice are exactly the same distance, then the
game will be declared a draw. The game will warn you with 5 moves
left that the game will end if no one has won by that time.

* Keys *

Arrow Keys Left/Right : Select Column
Arrow Keys Up/Down : Pushes/Pulls Column

ew Game : Starts new game
ound : Toggles Sound On/Off
olors : Changes default colors of Cheese & Mice
(For Laptop Players with Mono Screens)
oad : Loads a previously saved game
ave : Saves a game to be loaded later
uit : Quit Mice Men Program

The Key Definitions are shown at the bottom of the board at
all times.

Mice Men is easy to play, yet will involve a lot of strategy on
your part in order to win, especially at the Hardest level of play.
Each game board will be different, so no two games will ever be the


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Registered Version

This Mice Men game is distributed as Shareware. A registration fee
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We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope you
will continue to enjoy this as well as our many other Shareware


William Soleau

Soleau Software
163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite 213
New York, NY 10023

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