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Computer version of Memory game from Hungary.
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Computer version of Memory game from Hungary.
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Contents of the MEMORY.DOC file

Release 1.0, March, 30, 1991

Jnos Mri
Kodly Z. u. 59

This program is one from a series of computerized popular games.


The goal of the game is to guess the locations of all pairs of matching
cards on the playing table. Choose a card coordinate using the arrow
keys, or by typing in the card coordinates. When you press the Enter
key, the card is shown. After you looked at it, press another key,
in order to hide the card. Now choose a second card, and view it in
the same way you looked at the first card. If the first and second
cards match, then these cards will remain on the board with the face
up. The number of successful and unsuccessful tries are logged, and
are shown in the yellow window in the lower right corner of the
screen. The point is to memorize as many cards as possible, in order
to minimize the wrong guesses.


If you enjoy this game, a donation of $5 will be appreciated. Your donation
will increase the possibilities for fellow programmers operating on the
territory the former Eastern Europe, who are trying to support Hungarian
business and industry with software developed on almost home made equipment.

Please send a $5 international check to:

Jnos Mri
Kodly Z. u. 59

If you have any suggestions or discover any problems with the program,
please do not hesitate to write to the address above. You can also
leave a message to 'Vacak' on the Programmer's Corner BBS in
Columbia,MD (301)596-1180 ,621-4636.

Also, take a look at MASTMIND.ZIP, another game program written by me, and can
be found on this BBS.

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