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Mad Dog William VGA Adventure Game.

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Cam DeBuck Software & Game Crafters present
Maddog Williams. A VGA Adventure game.
Help Maddog Williams save the princess.
Includes SoundBlaster/Adlib Support and a
Joystick as well (optional). Truely one of
the best shareware games.

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Mad Dog William VGA Adventure Game.
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Cam DeBuck Software & Game Crafters present
Maddog Williams. A VGA Adventure game.
Help Maddog Williams save the princess.
Includes SoundBlaster/Adlib Support and a
Joystick as well (optional). Truely one of
the best shareware games.
Game Crafters Present

The Adventures
Maddog Williams

The Dungeons of Duridian

Maddog Williams is an Interactive Animated Adventure Game (TM)
created by Game Crafters, an Orem Utah based software house.

This Demo is only a small part of the entire game. The full
game is over 120 scenes (8 Chapters on 5, 3.5" or 9, 5.25" Disks).
This demo and the game are Hard Drive installable.

To put the Demo on your HD just copy all the files into a
directory and type MADDOG from that directory at to DOS prompt to
run the game.

To run it from a 720k, 1.44M 3.5" or 1.2M 5.25" disk, copy all
the files to the disk, switch to that drive and type MADDOG at the
DOS prompt.

To run it from 360K 5.25" disks, you will need 2 (TWO), 5.25"
360K floppies. Label one disk Introduction and the other Chapter
1. Copy all of the files **** EXCEPT CHAPTER.1 **** to the disk
labeled Introduction. Copy the file CHAPTER.1 to the disk labeled
Chapter 1.
Insert the Introduction Disk into the drive and type MADDOG at
the DOS prompt. You will be prompted as you play the game to
switch disks as needed.


At first you will see the menu:

Please Select Difficulty Level.
1. Easy
2. Hard
3. Pray For Deliverance

If you select EASY, the enemies you encounter will be easier
to defeat, and some of the puzzles have more than one solution.
HARD makes the enemies a little more difficult to defeat and some
of the puzzles change. PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE makes the enemies
Nasty! but doesn't affect the puzzles.

Next you will see the prompt Change Options? (Y/N). If you
select Yes then you will be asked what type of musical device you
have. If you answer no to this question the default device is the
Computer Speaker. After you select the musical device you can
answer No to this question the next time you play and it will
remember your selection. (If the game locks up right after this and
you don't have a sound card, try again and make sure you select
Computer Speaker.)


After the credits you will be greeted by the Guardian of
Marinor. He will ask you "Is this your first time playing the
game? (Y) or (N)." If you answer No the game will begin
immediately. If you answer Yes you will see the introduction
sequence. We suggest you watch the introduction at least once, it
has information about the events leading up to the time the game


After Maddog wakes up (Yes, adventurers always sleep on top of
the covers fully clothed!) you will be in control of him. To move
him around the screen you can use the arrow keys, the number pad or
a joystick. To switch between KEYBOARD and JOYSTICK mode press
CTRL J. An icon at the top of the screen will change between the
picture of a joystick and a key so you will know what mode you are
in. The number pad allows 8 direction control of Maddog.
To use the keyboard press the direction you wish to travel and
RELEASE the key. Maddog will travel in that direction until you
press the same key again, or you press 5 on the keypad. If you
press a different key Maddog will change directions. If you hold
the key down, Maddog will walk rather spastically.

As you type in commands at the prompt and press enter a
response to what you typed will appear on the screen. You must
press enter to get rid of it!. Any other key will result in a
beep. We do this so you won't miss any important texts that come
up automatically.

During the game you will encounter enemies. You must use
skill in fighting to defeat them. To enter fight mode you must
first have a weapon, then press F1. If an enemy is present, (You
can tell because there will be a second Health-O-Meter at the top
of the screen just below Maddogs. If Maddogs health becomes blank
he dies, the same is true for enemies.) Maddog will draw his sword
and prepare to fight. If no enemy is present you will be ask if
you want to practice. This allows you to practice fighting with
your current weapon. To exit practice/fight mode press F1 again.


SHIFT acts like the joystick button.

LEFT & RIGHT arrows move Maddog Left and Right.

UP arrow is like pressing up on the joystick. If you press
SHIFT, Maddog will attack high.

DOWN arrow is like pressing done on the joystick. If you
press SHIFT, Maddog will attack low. This also causes maddog to
block the enemies attack. AFTER MADDOG BLOCKS HE RETURNS TO
NEUTRAL. You must pres the down arrow key again to block.

Key pad 5 is neutral, (Pressing the same direction twice will
return Maddog to neutral also.) If you press SHIFT, Maddog will
attack middle.

If you swing while Maddog is moving backwards, HE WILL TURN
AROUND! This can be a very bad thing, the enemy will attack

Practice the moves in practice mode to get a feel for how it

After Maddog is standing, type LOOK (This will give a
description of the surroundings.)

Type LOOK RUG (Maddog will describe the rug.)

Type LOOK UNDER RUG (Maddog will walk to the rug and look
under it.)

Walk Maddog to in front of the shelves. Type LOOK SHELVES.

Type TAKE SWORD (Maddog will pick up his sword)

Press F1, and practice with the sword a bit.

Press F1 to exit practice mode.


When you first enter a scene, type LOOK to get a description
of your surroundings.

LOOK at everything imaginable. Sometimes important clues are in
the text.

If you meet someone, try to interact with them in some way.
TALK TO MAN is always a good way to start! (Unless its not a man!)

Fighting to some may seem hard at first, but hang in there
you'll get used to it!

Since this is a demo version, you will not be able to save
your game. (Bummer eh?)


F1 Toggles Fight MODE
F2 Help
F3 Retypes last line typed
F4 Not Available
F5 Not Available
F6 Set Speed
F7 Show Inventory
F8 Turn PC Speaker music off
F9 Restart the game
F10 Quit
TAB Displays last text output
ESC Erases the input line.
SHIFT Acts like joystick button (Makes Maddog Jump when walking
around. Attacks when fighting.)

We here at Game Crafters hope you enjoy playing this demo. If
you would like to play the entire game, order it through Cam DeBuck
Software for $19.95 plus $4.50 shipping and handling.

To Order, Call between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm mountain
time at 1-800-521-8058 (ORDERS ONLY). (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, and JCB Cards
accepted.) or...

Call our BBS and order On-Line at (801) 489-3558 [HST Dual Standard 16.8k]

For questions or info. call Cam DeBuck Software at (801) 489-4878.

Send check or money order for $24.45 ($19.95 + $4.50 shipping) and system
info (see note below) to:
Game Crafters
1103 South 2230 East
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

***** IMPORTANT!!!!! *********

GameCrafters, When it comes to games, we don't play around.

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