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McMurphy's Mansion
copyright (c) 1984, 1987

P.O. Box 7493, Pasadena, TX 77508


This game is a SHAREWARE product. This means for a small fee that
you send to the software author, you receive a professional quality
program. If you play and enjoy McMurphy's Mansion you should send
$10.00 to the address shown above. Please copy and share this disk
with your friends (in accordance with the license agreement at the
end of this manual).


McMurphy's Mansion (c) 1984, 1987 Difficulty Level 5

It was three weeks ago when you received the telegram that would
change your life FOREVER...

It seems that an unknown uncle has died in faraway Scotland and left
you his entire fortune. $10,000,000 to be exact!!!

There is only one small problem...
Dear old Uncle McMurphy was a bit demented and has hidden your
inheritence somewhere in his mansion or on the mansion grounds. He
has left you with only one clue, a small brass key. It is now up to
you to use your superior brain power to solve the puzzles left to you
in the mansion and find your fortune.


In games like McMurphy's Mansion, you must command your computer
self to do what you would do if you were actually in a particular
situation or location in the game.

This is done by entering the commands in the keyboard like this:


(There will be more command examples later in the manual)

After your command is entered, you will be given a response to the
command or action you have just taken like this:

The box appears to be made of burl walnut.
It is about the size of a cigar box.

In this way you can explore your surroundings and manipulate
objects that you "see" or find in the mansion.

- PAGE 1 -



Insert the game disk in the A: drive of your computer system.
At the DOS prompt A> type in MCMURPHY so your screen looks like:


then press the ENTER key and the game will load. ALWAYS leave
the game disk in drive A: unless you choose to place McMurpy's
Mansion on your hard disk or you are saving or restoring a
position (more about that later).


To play using a hard disk, just have the game and all the related
files in the current directory.


The following files are critical to the playing of the game and
must be on the game disk or in the hard disk subdirectory:



Before you actually begin playing McMurphy's Mansion, you will be
asked for your first name. Any 15 letters (or less) may be used
for your name. Your name will them be used during your explorations
of the mansion.


It is traditonal in Scotland to call young adventurers by "laddie"
(boy) or by "lassie" (girl). When prompted, simply press the key
shown for the correct choice.


Included in "McMurphy's Mansion" is an introduction that will help
familiarize you with this mess your uncle has gotten you into.
The first few times you play the game, you should read this
introduction carefully. After that, just skip it and go straight
to the playing of the game.

- PAGE 2 -


If you do read the introduction, your first command should be:


This command will give you a description of your surroundings and
the objects in this location. After this command, you will be on
your own. Be careful, an old mansion can be a DANGEROUS place!!


"McMurphy's Mansion" is played like many adventure games. You should
enter commands as short as possible and as though each one started
with "I would like to:", for example:

Actual Commands:

"I would like to" >EXAMINE THE BOX
"I would like to" >LOOK UNDER THE SOFA

Several sample commands are listed near the end of these instructions.


To move from one location in the game to another, simply enter the
compass direction you would like to go in. You may use all 8 compass
directions (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SW, and SE) and UP or DOWN. You may
either spell out the entire word or use the abbreviation as shown.
As you travel around the mansion and the mansion grounds, it is also
important to draw a map of the mansion and the mansion grounds. Then
maybe you won't become a lost adventurer! Actually, the game has a
built in map that is shown on the screen, but it is more fun to turn
off the screen map ( command: >XMAP ) and draw your own. That way
you can make notes about where you find or where you leave objects
found in the game.

- PAGE 3 -

There are many commands that you may use in your quest for your
fortune. The explanation and abbreviations (show in parentheses)
are listed for the most commonly used commands.

LOOK (L) The LOOK command gives you a view of your surroundings
and the objects that you can see. Use this command to look around
where you are or to see if an action you have just taken has changed
things around you.

EXAMINE (X) This command will give you a description of an object.
Some objects must be in your possession (inventory) before they can
be examined.

INVENTORY (I) or (INV) Lists your current possessions that you are
carrying around with you. Iuring your adventure, you will need
various objects to perform certain tasks. Of course, the things you
need are never where you need them, so you will have to "take" them
and carry them with you.

TAKE (+) This command is used to add items to your inventory. Some
things such as doors simply can't be "taken", but if you see something
you want, TAKE IT!! Also, some items in the game must be taken to
be examined. To make it easier to use the "+" abbreviation of this
command, we have fixed the "=" key so it will be a "+" key instead.
That way, you don't have to hit the SHIFT key all the time for "+".
(Your welcome.)

DROP (-) If you have something in your inventory that you don't need
any longer, or don't want to carry around any longer, DROP it. The
object will then remain in the location where you dropped it just in
case you want to come back later and retrieve it.

MAP This command turns on the screen display of the map. Only simple
minded adventurers and weakies actually need the map. It is really
better to draw one by hand. It is more fun, and more challenge.

XMAP What is turned on can be turned off. XMAP turns off the screen
display of the map. The more preferred method of play...

REPEAT (R) If you should want to repeat a command more that once, just
enter "R" the second time instead of retyping the entire command over
again. This will help keep the blisters off your fingers.

COLOR If you don't like the default colors of the screen and text, you
can use the command COLOR to change them. Just enter the command and
follow the instructions on the screen.

- PAGE 4 -

WORDY When entering a location for the first time, you will be given
a lengthy and complete description of that location. After you enter
a location for the first time, you will only be given the name for that
location (YOUR BEDROOM). If you would like to have the long descriptions
all of the time, enter the command WORDY.

SHORTY Turns off the long descriptions of each location. You will
still get the long description the FIRST time you enter a location,
but after that, you will only get the name of the location.

LIST Shows inventory items on the screen under the map. List will
show your inventory even if the map is off (XMAP).

XLIST Turns off the screen display of inventory items.

MANUAL Prints the official McMurphy's Mansion manual. You will need
a printer in your system to use this command...

QUIT Used to end the game. Be sure to SAVE your position first.

USING NUMBERS An occassion may arise in the mansion when you would
like to include a number in your command. If you need to use a number,
just enter the number instead of spelling it out (7 instead of seven).

HELP If you would like to review a summary of the game information
while you are playing and have lost these instructions, enter the
command HELP.


McMurphy's beloved mansion is truly beautiful and full of antiques.
Although the mansion has many, many rooms, only the important ones
are included in the actual game. Sorry, no bathroom...

All of the doors in the mansion are open for your convenience, unless
closed for a reason. Also, there may be objects mentioned in the
descriptions of the rooms that you cannot TAKE or EXAMINE. They are
included to give you a "feel" for the room and your surroundings.


While in the mansion, it may be helpful to look out the windows. To
do this, enter the command LOOK EAST or LOOK NORTH or LOOK in
whatever direction the window is located. If there is a window in
that direction, you will be given the view out of that window. If
there is no window in that direction, you will be given the same
response as the command LOOK.

- PAGE 5 -


GOLD BARS That's right! 24K GOLD!! There are 12 gold bars hidden
in the mansion in unusual places. After you have found all 12 bars
you will be given one of the three master clues that lead to the

Note: Once TAKEN, a bar cannot be dropped.

MASTER CLUES As you solve the puzzles of the mansion that dear
old Uncle Mac left you as his legacy, you will receive a total
of 3 MASTER CLUES. When you figure out what the MASTER CLUES
are for and use them correctly, the FORTUNE WILL BE YOURS!!!

SAMPLE COMMANDS The commands are listed below are to give you
an idea about the game vommands in general. They may or may not
work while playing the actual game.


>NORTH same as >N



>- BOX same as >DROP BOX







- PAGE 6 -

MULTIPLE COMMANDS As you can see from the example commands, you can
see from the sample commands, you can enter more than one command at
a time. When you do be sure put a period (.) between the commands.
You may also use the word AND or the word THEN to separate the multiple


All three of these commands work exactly the same. Because the word
AND is used to separate commands, do not use it to do something to
more than one object. The command TAKE THE BOX AND THE KEY will not
work. (Review sample commands)

When using multiple commands, you should limit your commands to two or
three. If you enter more than that, the game responses could scroll off
the screen before you could read them.


Playing this game takes many hours. So that you will not have to
begin from the very beginning each tim you start to play, special
commands are used to save the progress you have made during a
playing session. These saved positions also help in case the power
should go out while you are playing.

SAVE When you are about to quit for the day or you are about to
do something dangerous in the game, use the SAVE command:


All of the information about what location you are in and the items
in your inventory and the progress you have made will be stored on
your disk in a special file. Then when you restart the game at a
later time, you can RESTORE the old position and begin exactly where
you left the game. You will be in the same room, with the same
inventory, etc. Here is how to SAVE a position:

- PAGE 7 -

1. Use a formatted disk disk with at least 10,000 bytes free.
(Actually, there is room on the game disk for several different
SAVES, but you may want to use a different disk completely)

2. Enter the command SAVE like this: >SAVE

3. You will be given instructions on the screen about which keys to
press to save the position. Don't worry, it's simple!

4. Make a note about the postion number you have just saved for
later reference. You may save up to 9 different positions on a
single disk.

RESTORE This command is used to restore one of the saved positions
on your SAVE diskette. To restore a position, enter the restore
command like this:


1. You must change disks if the position to be restored has been
saved on a separate disk. The instructions given on the screen
will tell you when to do this.

2. Follow the instructions given on the screen and you position
will be restored.

3. Make sure the game disk is in drive A: or you are in the correct
subdirectory on your hard disk and the game can PROCEED!

Now all of that hard work won't have to be repeated each time you
begin the game.

- PAGE 8 -

Well that's about it for the instructions. But there is just one more
thing you should know before you go play. If you should find an old
diary somewhere in the mansion, and you want to read on a specific
page, enter a command that looks like this:

>READ ON 9-1 in the diary
>LOOK ON 9-1 in the diary

9-1 in the example would be for September 1st. Just use whatever day
you wish. This reading may help you, it may not...


The fortune CAN BE YOURS!!!!


Avoid Insanity!!!

Game solutions can be ordered from the shareware address below.
Send a self addressed, stamped envelope and three dollars (greenbacks
please!) to:

McMurphy's Mansion
P.O. Box 7493
Pasadena, TX 77508

As mentioned in the beginning of the instructions, the shareware fee
of $10.00 should also sent to the same address. If you are a registered
adventurer, your game solutions are FREE!, just send the envelope with
NO MONEY!! Be sure to include your name and address, so we can tell
if you have registered your game.

- PAGE 9 -

McMurpy's Mansion (c) 1984, 1987 Martin-Art ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!!!

*************** LICENSE AGREEMENT ***************

You are hereby authorized to copy and distribute copies of McMurphy's
Mansion provided it is copied in the form on this disk and your copy
contains the following UNALTERED files:

File Name Description
--------- ----------------------------------------------
READ.ME Text file explaining briefly the game, how to
start the game, printing the manual, and the
SHAREWARE registration.

MCWM.DAT One of the game files

MCFILE.DAT One of the game files

MCMANUAL.DAT The ASCII text file that is the manual

MCMURPHY.EXE The game program

You are specifically NOT authorized to change the game manual or
distribute any information concerning the solution to McMurphy's Mansion
in any media whatsoever!!

Note: This disk may or may not contain the file, MCMURPHY.ARC. This
file is an archived version of all of the files shown above and can
be used for distributing McMurphy's Mansion over a modem. Use PKXARC.COM
(part of PKX35A35.EXE) to unarchive the files. This program may be found
on your local BBS, Compuserve, or other BBS's, or from your shareware
distributor. It may also be ordered from PKWARE, 7032 Ardara Avenue,
Glendale, WI 53209 (contact them for price).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Game solutions may be ordered from Martin Art, P.O. Box 7493 Pasadena TX
77508 for three dollars. Your registration fee of $10.00 covers the cost
of receiving a game solution (on request).

You may order an original game disk from that same address for $10.00.
If you are the operator of a BBS or you are a shareware distributor,
send proof of same with a request and you will receive a game disk
for $5.00.

Your registration fees are used to further the goals of quality
software at an extremely low cost. REGISTER AS A MCMURPHY GAMER!!

- PAGE 10 -

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