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Text adventure game in which you search for gold.
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Text adventure game in which you search for gold.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

McMurphy's Mansion (c) 1984, 1987 Martin-Art ALL RIGHTS RESERVED V1.2

McMurphy's Mansion is an all text adventure game that provides many hours
of challenge and fun for everyone who plays. Your demented Uncle McMurphy
has left you a $10,000,000 inheritence. ALL you have to do is find it!!
Read the manual. This game is INTERESTING! DIFFICULTY LEVEL:5 TIME:80 hrs

SHAREWARE - This game is a shareware product. If you enjoy playing, you
should send $10.00 to the address shown below. If you play the game to its
conclusion, it will average about 15 cents an hour! You will receive a free
game solution (on request) and notification of future releases if you are
registered! Otherwise, solutions are $3.00 ordered from the address below.
MANUAL - Enter MCMURPHY at the DOS A:> prompt and answer a few questions,
then enter MANUAL as a game command and the manual will print for you.

SHAREWARE ADDRESS: Martin-Art I hope you enjoy the Mansion!!
P.O. Box 7493 David Martin
Pasadena, TX 77508 Author

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