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A cheater for Apogee's Monster Bash.

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Cheat Information for Monster Bash v2.0,
including god, warp and JUMP modes!

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A cheater for Apogee’s Monster Bash.
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Monster Bash v2.0 (Shareware Version) Cheat Information

Size: 75722
Date: 05-11-93, 2:00pm

Run MB20CHT.EXE. This program will update your BASH1.EXE file while naming
the original to BASH1.EX$. After BASH1.EXE has been updated, MB20CHT.EXE
is no longer needed.

Cheat Functions:
(Press and hold the letter key first, then the F10 key. Release the F10 key
first, then the letter key.)

Key Combination Function

I F10 Invincibility

W F10 Warp

J F10 Jump*

O F10 Ammo Options Select**

M F10 Memory Status

L F10 Increase Life Counter
(maximum of 5 at any one time)

*After the jump function has been activated, jump once and then jump again
before you land. Then you can 'fly' using the jump key. If you land before
you jump again, you will not 'fly'. On level three, the jump function works
using the broom!

**Note: The ammo options select function operates as follows:

Ammo select rotates in this order:

a. One stone
b. Three stones
c. Fire Ball
d. Large Rock
e. One stone w/ guided missiles

On Level 1, only 'a' and 'b' above are valid ammo. On some levels, the
guided missiles will not work. In such cases, just change to a different
ammo option.


Changes in this cheat program since v1.1 & v1.02

1. In v1.1, each time the warp function was used the score would increase
by 50,000 points. Fixed.

2. The same scoring problem would occur if a game was restored while a game
was in progress. Fixed. The game options menu has been revised to
include 'restore old game' which was apparently deleted in lieu of fixing
the bug. This revision requires that you use F10 for hint information
rather the game options menu.

3. Jump cheat function added.



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