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Absolutely Amazing 3-D Maze Game. Get a real feel for virtual reality. Lightning Fast. Supports VGA and a Mouse.

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Absolutely Amazing 3-D Maze Game! Get a real
feel for virtual reality! Lightning Fast!!
Supports VGA and a Mouse (rodent not req'd).
Multiple maze levels & levels of difficulty.
Monsters to kill and mazes to solve! Arcade
style graphics. Fully functional Shareware
version, not crippled in any way. This is
NOT just another maze game!

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Absolutely Amazing 3-D Maze Game. Get a real feel for virtual reality. Lightning Fast. Supports VGA and a Mouse.
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Contents of the MAZEWARS.DOC file

(C) Copyright Amazing Graphics, 1992. All rights reserved.

Play a maze adventure game in TRUE 3-D color. It's a Virtual Reality
graphics game and the player has TOTAL movement in and around the corridors.
There are many monsters moving around and the player must fire bullets and
destroy them. The game is timed as the player progresses through the
maze and "blows-up" all the monsters trying to find the EXIT to the maze.

... Sound like Fun? Your must play it today!!

There are 11 levels of play:

Level 0 ... is the slowest, and is for the beginners.
Level 10... is the fastest level, and is very difficult.

There are several important keys on the keyboard to enhance the game:

i: key is a velocity increaser. At times you may want to move faster.

d: key is a velocity decreaser. This will slow you down.
The speeds of your velocity are from 5 to 245 miles per hour.

p: key is a toggle type of key. Press p and the game "pauses."

It will remain paused until you press p again. This allows one to
answer the phone, or do whatever, and still play the game.

s: key is a toggle type of key. Presss s and sound will be activated.
Press s again and sound will be turned off. The only sound in the
game is that of the monsters exploding.

h: key always brings up the help menu, even during game play.

esc: key will abort the game and bring you to the closing menu.

l: key will reduce the rotational sensitivity. (less panning)

r: key will increase the rotational sensitivity. (faster panning)

The game saves your colors that you may have changed.

The game saves your velocity that you may also have changed.

The game does this by creating a very small file called gamesys
(gamesys is 36 bytes). This is the ONLY file that Mazewars ever
uses and creates. You may delete gamesys any time you want
(This will reset the game defaults and it will be like starting over).

The material is Copyright protected with all rights reserved.

If you find that you enjoy the game and have played it more
than five or six times, complete the registration form:

#-------------------------- Order Form -------------------------------#
| |
| Please register _____ mazewars @ $15.00 ea. ___ check |
| ___ money order |
| |
| |
| ___________________________ |
| your name |
| |
| ___________________________ |
| your address |
| |
| ______________ _________ |
| City, State Zip |
| |
| |
| |
| Amazing Graphics |
| |
| 430 East Glenn Avenue |
| |
| Auburn, Alabama 36830 |
| |
| Technical Support: |
| (205) 821-4211 |
| |
| Alabama residents add 5% sales tax. |

You will be entitled to technical support and any new versions of the game.


Mazewars by Amazing Graphics -- You hold the responsibility
to register this game by sending $15.00 to Amazing Graphics.

You are entitled to copy and reproduce the manual and the game. Also,
you may distribute the manual and the game.

Upon receipt of payment, Amazing Graphics will register you as a
purchaser. This registration entitles you to play the game, receive
telephone technical support, and receive newer versions.

Graphics be liable for any damages, loss of property, or any loss
arising out of the use of this Mazewars game.

Thank you

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