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Computer version of the Mastermind game from Hungary. Nice user interface.
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Computer version of the Mastermind game from Hungary. Nice user interface.
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Contents of the MASTMIND.DOC file

Release 1.0, March, 10, 1991

Jnos Mri
Kodly Z. u. 59

This program is one from a series of computerized popular games.


The goal of the game is to guess the four random generated colors hidden
behind the question marks on the top of the table. You guess by placing a
color combination on the last empty row. The computer will respond by giving
hints on the left-hand-side of the table. The hint is given in the
following way: For each guessed color a block will be placed on the hint
row. A black block indicates that the corresponding color on the tip row is
right, but it is misplaced. White block indicates that you guessed right the
corresponding color on that location. That is, both color and placement are
correct. Empty fields on the hint line mean that corresponding colors are


You will guess by typing the initials of colors as highlighted on the
screen. You can move around on the current tip line using the arrow keys.
After editing the tip line, press the enter key.

You will be given 15 chances to solve the game.

Use F2 to copy the previous tip line to the current line. If you loose
pacience, the answer can be revealed by pressing F1.


There are 4 game levels:

Level 1 - The combination to be guessed will not contain
any emply fields, and all four colors will be

Level 2 - Empty fields are allowed
Level 3 - One specific color may appear more than once
Level 4 - Both empty fields and equal colors may appear

You can set the game level by typing the initials of each setting
as highlighted on the bottom line of the screen.


Use this menu to get on-line help and a top-ten list.


The sound can be turned off and turned back on by pressing F3 at any time.
Alternatively, you can turn the sound off by typing 'MASTMIND 0' or
'MASTMIND OFF' at the DOS the command line.


If you enjoy this game, a donation of $10 will be appreciated. Your donation
will increase the possibilities for fellow programmers operating on the
territory the former Eastern Europe, who are trying to support Hungarian
business and industry with software developed on almost home made equipment.

Please send a $10 international check to:

Jnos Mri
Kodly Z. u. 59

If you have any suggestions or discover any problems with the program,
please do not hesitate to write to the address above. You can also
leave a message to 'Vacak' on the Programmer's Corner BBS in
Columbia,MD (301)596-1180 ,621-4636.

Also, take a look at MEMORY.ZIP, another game program written by me, and can
be found on this BBS.

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