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VGA version of a arcade game similiar to Super Mario Brothers.
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VGA version of a arcade game similiar to Super Mario Brothers.
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Contents of the MARIO.DOC file

---------- Mario Brothers VGA ----------
Version 1.0
Dave Sharpless

Thank you for downloading Mario Brothers VGA. Better yet, thank you for
reading the doc file! This doc file includes : how to play, game
background info, and how to register.

I. How to play

Mario Bros will run on virtually any computer with VGA support.
Just enter MARIO at dos prompt and if everything's o.k. the title
screen will come up.

Press any key to move on to the high score table (at this point
MARIO.HIS will be read from/created on your disk).

On this screen you can do the following :

Q : quit and go back to DOS

P : Select one or two(registered) player mode.

K : Redefine game play keys.

space : begin play

Game play :

Your main objective is to keep the area free of pests. To do
this, you must jump and bump the layer under the pest to flip it over.
Once flipped you have a limited amount of time to get on the same
level as the little creature and 'kick' it off.

You'll encounter numerous obstacles as well as various types of

II. Game background

I started on this game around the time Joust VGA registrations
started coming in (about 6/20/90). Using a couple of small assembly
language routines from Joust, my graphics editor, and the gained
programming experience, made this project a lot faster than Joust.

III. Registering information

I hope you enjoy Mario Brothers VGA, if you would like to
have a SIMULTANEOUS TWO PLAYER MODE version of Mario Brothers VGA,
send $15.00 to my address below. You'll find that working as a team,
you'll be able to reach higher levels then before.

Even if you're not registering, write and tell me what you think
about it!

Oh, by the way...If you were putting off registering Joust VGA, wait
no more! Send $25 and I'll register both Joust VGA (V 1.2) and Mario
Brothers VGA (V 1.0)

Dave Sharpless
11643 Vermilion Rd.
Oberlin, OH 44074
Update Information :

Version 1.0 - 1st release 11/26/90

1. Finished game

2. Wrote .DOC file

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