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A adventure game.
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A adventure game.
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MANSION: The Adventure Begins
Version 2.13 - Copyright Captain Arthur 1987

To run Mansion, simply put the disk in the correct drive and press the right
buttons on the keyboard. Further instructions may or may not appear on your
monitor. I tried to make it idiot-proof, but as we all know, often the
idiots are smarter than you. Making a map as you go is a good idea.

There are no deep dark tricks in Mansion, though you might try to visit some
rooms more than once. Single letter commands do everything.

This is usually where some clown makes an impassioned plea for cash.
Well, not me. Writing this stuff is fun, and my starving mother doesn't
begrudge for a minute the time lost that I could be looking for work.
But if you liked Mansion, there's more. Drop me a postcard for the
latest list, or send a disk & postage paid mailer (plus a buck for
beer). Any suggestions to improve Mansion?

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2101 Crystal Plaza Arcade
Arlington, Virginia 22202

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