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Version 1.01
3 April 1988

by Eric L. Poole

Mean 18 is a registered trademark of Accolade, Inc.


Accolade's Mean 18 Golf Game is the best and most realistic
computer golf game I've seen to date! However, it apparently
only supports three golf courses on its menu (the first three
it sees in the directory). This is a real inconvenience if
you want to play more than three courses!


The batch file M18.BAT was written to facilitate the use of an
unlimited number of golf courses with Mean 18 on a hard disk


If you really enjoy playing Mean 18, you will undoubtedly want to
play as many different courses as possible. In addition to the
Accolade courses available, there are many public domain courses
appearing on bulletin boards now. I've seen at least 50 different
courses! As you accumulate additional courses and add them to your
hard disk, it won't take too long before you realize that Mean 18
is eating up a substantial portion of your hard disk space! If you
can't live without the courses and you can't spare the hard disk
space, the answer is to store 3 golf courses per floppy diskette
and keep them off permanent hard disk storage. When you want to
play Mean 18, simply pick the floppy diskette with the course you
want and M18.BAT will load it for you.


M18.BAT runs on IBM PCs or compatibles, using DOS 2.0 or
higher, with hard disk storage, a color monitor, and at least one
floppy disk drive.



The following files should be contained in the M18CLOAD.ARC file
which you received:

M18.BAT - the main program to load your golf courses
(a DOS batch file)
M18SCRN.001 - opening screen called by M18.BAT
M18SCRN.002 - second screen called by M18.BAT
M18.DOC - this file you are reading

M18.BAT, as written, requires that you have the Mean 18 programs
installed in a subdirectory on your hard disk named
C:\GAMES\MEAN18. This subdirectory should only contain the
programs required to run Mean 18. It should not include any
golf courses!

To load M18.BAT and its screen files, insert a diskette
containing the M18.BAT, M18SCRN.001, and M18SCRN.002 files into
the A: drive. Type COPY A:*.* C:\GAMES\MEAN18 and press
the Enter key. After the files are copied, you will be ready to
run using the M18.BAT program.

Note: Make sure that you have a CONFIG.SYS file in the root
directory (C:\) on your hard disk system and that it contains
DEVICE=ANSI.SYS so that the ANSI color screens (M18SCRN.001 and
M18SCRN.002) will display properly.

Setting up Courses:

Copy all of your Mean 18 golf courses (the .M18 files, plus
the .SAV and .HOF files, if any) to floppy diskettes (3 courses
maximum per disk) and label each diskette appropriately with the
course names.

Running M18.BAT:

Change directories to C:\GAMES\MEAN18. Type M18 and press the
Enter key. M18.BAT will execute. You'll see a logo screen
which looks like:


º º
º º

º º
º Version 1.01 º
º 3 April 1988 º
º º
º FreeWare º
º By Eric L. Poole º
º º

Strike a key when ready . . .

When ready, press any key to continue. Then you'll see a screen
which looks like:

º º
º Insert the Course Disk containing the 3 Golf º
º Courses that you want into Drive A: º
º º

... and then ...

Strike a key when ready . . .


At this point, insert the course diskette of your choice and then
press any key to continue.

M18.BAT will begin copying the golf courses from the diskette in
the A: drive to the C:\GAMES\MEAN18 subdirectory. When finished,
M18.BAT will execute GOLF.EXE and the Mean 18 Golf game will begin.
You will then run Mean 18 just as you always have.

When finished playing Mean 18, M18.BAT will copy the .SAV and .HOF
files, if any, from the hard disk to the course diskette in the A:
drive. Then all golf courses and related files will be deleted
from the C:\GAMES\MEAN18 subdirectory and M18.BAT will terminate.


M18.BAT and its associated screen files (which were created using
an amazing ANSI color drawing package called THE DRAW) are being
distributed as FreeWare and, as such, may be freely copied and
used without charge. Further distribution may be made as long as
there is no charge or fee requested. If any improvements are made,
please make them available to the rest of us as FreeWare.

Please upload M18CLOAD.ARC to other bulletin boards so that others
can benefit. Thanks.

Well, that's it. I hope M18.BAT will be of some help to you.



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