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Leeway - A new game similiar to Tron Cycles.
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Leeway – A new game similiar to Tron Cycles.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


CHALLENGING, very ADDICTIVE and lots of FUN. Leeway has high speed
Nintendo style graphics, arcade sound effects, multiple skill levels
and VGA graphic support. The object of the game is to move your sphere
on the playing grid in such a way that you outlast and/or entrap the
computer's sphere. The computer uses ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE based
decision making to move it's sphere. There are four rounds in this
version, each round is more difficult to beat and use different tactics
to entrap your sphere. When you complete all four rounds, a wild graphic
screen will entertain you. We feel this game is a new and exciting
interactive graphic game. First there was PAC-MAN, then there was TETRIS,
now there is LEEWAY !!!!!!!!

* This is a NEW RELEASE for 1991

* Refer to LEEWAY.DOC for a detailed description of this game.

* SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 256K memory, one floppy disk and any graphic monitor.

* Supports VGA and S-VGA GRAPHIC, with optional MOUSE support.

* Multiple level skill factor, allows you to play the game as a slow
STRATEGY level game or fast ACTION level game.

* Type "LEEWAY" to start the game.

* Escape from reality and RELAX with LEEWAY.

Orlando Dare
3005 Glenmore ave.
Baltimore, MD 21236

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