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Lugnut City is an arcade style "run, jump and shoot" math game, with ten different EGA mazes. There are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to solve, and plenty of sounds and graphics.
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Lugnut City is an arcade style “run, jump and shoot” math game, with ten different EGA mazes. There are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to solve, and plenty of sounds and graphics.
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Contents of the LUGNUT.DOC file


Copyright (C) 1992 by: Paul T. Dawson
P.O. Box 682
Chincoteague, Virginia 23336 U.S.A.

/**** INTRODUCTION ****/

Thank you for trying my program, Lugnut City.

Lugnut City is an arcade style "run, jump and shoot" math game,
with ten different EGA mazes. There are addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division problems to solve, and plenty of
sounds and graphics. Players compete for high scores, and can
even design their own mazes!

The program requires EGA graphics (or higher), and a 286 or
faster machine is recommended.

/**** SPECIAL THANKS TO... ****/

Thanks and a tip of the hat to:

Microsoft : BASIC P.D.S. V7.1 Compiler

Genus Microprogramming : PCX Programmers Toolkit
: GX Text
: GX Effects

Fabrice Bellard : LZEXE

/**** CONTENTS ****/

Shareware and Registration Information......2

Getting Started.............................3

Playing Lugnut City.........................4

Menu Keys...................................5 - 6

More Miscellaneous Info.....................7

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 1


Shareware lets you try software, and then pay the author after
you decide to use the program. When you register Lugnut City (for
only $10), you will receive the following bonuses:

<> The latest version of Lugnut City.

<> One free disk... your choice of:

Googol Math Games (Three classic games)
Googol Bonus Disk (Six original CGA games)
Googol Review (640K CGA)
Paul's Classroom Math (99% math)
Flashcards (EGA)
Wolfie's Music Games (EGA)

<> A sincere thank you!

If your kids try the program once or twice, like it, and continue
to play the games, then you really should register!

"Super Registration" is just $35, and includes the latest version
of ALL SEVEN programs listed above. These programs contain over a
dozen different games, all for less than the price of just ONE
commercial program.

Everything is completely guaranteed! If you are not completely
satisfied with any of the programs, I will refund your money.

If you have doubts about sending a check to a mysterious Post
Office Box on an island (really!), please just send a postcard
first. Ask for more information, and I'll send you an up to date
listing of all my programs! Thanks.

There should be a separate text file on the disk, called
"LUGNUT.FRM". Please print it out, fill it in, and mail it!
If the form is missing, all that I really need to know is: your
name and mailing address, and the disk size (5 1/4 or 3 1/2).

All information on the order form, including your name and
address, is strictly confidential, and not for sale to anyone for
any reason. I'm in the educational software business, not the
mailing list business!

| In Australia only, you may register by |
| sending A$15 to the Official Distributor: |
| |
| Alphon Edugames |
| 221 Ridley Road |
| Bridgeman Downs 4035 AUSTRALIA |

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 2


To run Lugnut City V1.1, you need:

<> An IBM or compatible computer.
<> EGA graphics (or higher).
<> At least 512K memory.


Never run this or any program from the original disk. Make
backups and run from them! Use DISKCOPY on your DOS disk to copy
the disk. If you are not familiar with DOS commands, please find
someone who is, and have them explain it all to you!

Now that you have backups made, put the original disk away in a
safe place. If all goes well, you will never need it again!

Do not put a write protect tab on the disk! All of the games need
to read and write high score files to the disk.

Put the disk in your active drive - usually drive A, but any
drive will work. Type LUGNUT at the DOS prompt to get started. It
takes a while to load, but after that there are no delays.

Don't take the disk out of the drive until you are all finished
and back to DOS! The program writes information to the disk, so
the disk has to be there!


Follow these directions to put Lugnut City onto your hard disk.
If you are not completely familiar with the following commands,
please find someone who is, to help you!

1. Your hard disk must have at least 300K free.
2. Use MKDIR or MD to make a new subdirectory. (MD LUGNUT).
3. Use CHDIR or CD to get to the subdirectory. (CD LUGNUT).
4. Put the Lugnut City disk in drive A.
5. COPY A:*.* will copy all the files into the subdirectory.
6. To play Lugnut City, just type: CD\LUGNUT
7. Good Luck!

On a hard disk, always use the DOS command "CD" to change to the
proper subdirectory. Don't use the PATH command, since PATH
usually only finds COM, EXE, and BAT files.

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 3


At the main menu, press the first letter of any selection, or use
the up and down arrow keys, and press RETURN.

Run the introduction first, to see all of the different "blocks"
that make up each maze. Then choose "Play Game", and start to
play Lugnut City!

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and the up arrow key
to jump. The spacebar will fire your laser, and then you will
have to use other keys to blast the blocks!

There are several types of "math blocks" that display problems
when you shoot them. You will have to find the correct key to
press to blast the blocks.

For example, if you shoot a "Add-Em-Up" block, and "2+3" appears,
then you should shoot a "5" at the block.

Some of the blocks require the numbers 1 to 9. Others require a
"T" or "F" for True or False, or "+-x/", or even "A" or "Z".

Correct answers earn points, of course, and incorrect answers
lose points, and the block will be covered again.

The Jump Boots block increases your jumping power, and the
Dollars and Lugnut blocks earn free points!

There are 10 mazes, numbered 0 to 9. You have to get the key, and
then the exit, to go on to the next maze. But, you can quit
anytime, and still get on the high score list.

Press ESC to see the "Game Menu". From here, you can make several
choices, and then return to the game.

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 4


This is only in the Game Menu, and it cancels your game, and
takes you back to the Main Menu.


There are about 50 background colors available. Some of these are
great, and some aren't! You can experiment to find what's best!

/**** MENU KEYS - D - DESIGN MAZES ****/

Press "D" at the main menu to design your own set of ten mazes.
Use the arrow keys to move around, and PgUp and PgDn to move to
other mazes.

Press different letter keys to set the various blocks, or to
spacebar to erase a block. To see the list of blocks, just press
F1 (function key 1) for the "Design Help" screen.

One important thing to remember is to press F2 (that's function
key 2) to save your mazes to disk!

The second important thing to remember is that every maze needs a
key and an exit!

/**** MENU KEYS - H - HELP ****/

This shows a quick list of all the "Main Menu" keys.


Introduction shows all of the different blocks, and how to blast
them. This will start and run automatically, if you don't press
any "Main Menu" keys for a while!

/**** MENU KEYS - L - LEVEL MENU ****/

The Level Menu sets the highest number used in the math problems,
except for the "Polka Dot" blocks. These always have from 1 to 8
dots, since all you need to do is count the dots!

/**** MENU KEYS - M - MUSIC IS ON/OFF ****/

This turns all of the sounds on or off.

/**** MENU KEYS - N - NAME CHANGE ****/

Use the up and down arrow keys to move to your name, and then
press RETURN. Move to the bottom to enter a new name!

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 5

/**** MENU KEYS - P - PLAY GAME ****/

This starts the standard set of 10 mazes.

/**** MENU KEYS - Q - QUIT ****/

Quit will ask "Are You Sure", and then if you press "Y", you will
leave Lugnut City, and exit to DOS.

/**** MENU KEYS - R - RESUME GAME ****/

This is only in the Game Menu, and it returns you immediately to
the game.

/**** MENU KEYS - S - SCORE LIST ****/

Check the high score list to see if you can be the new champion!

The high scores are all contained in a standard DOS file. If you
delete the score file, the games will automatically create a new,
empty file.

Just type: DEL LUG-1.DAT


This plays the game, but with the special "User Designed" mazes.

If you choose this, and the game screen is empty, that's because
no one has designed the special mazes yet! Just go back to the
Main Menu, choose "Design", and start arranging those blocks!

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 6


The Lugnut City program was produced on a Tandy 1200 system. The
original 8088-4.77 has been replaced with a SOTA 80286-12 card.
It's not the fastest machine on the planet, but it just keeps on
running! One floppy disk drive wore out, after copying several
thousand disks, but everything else is still perfect!

The venerable Tandy machine is now overshadowed by a new "Snap It
Together Yourself" generic 386 computer. It's a lot faster!


Lugnut City was produced with the Microsoft BASIC P.D.S. V7.1
compiler, Z-Soft's PC-Paintbrush, the Genus PCX Programmer's
toolkit, and dozens of utilities too numerous to mention!

The README-4.EXE program was written in Borland's Turbo C.

/**** CONCLUSION ****/

Lugnut City is still in the early stages of development. There is
still room for many more "blocks" and other extras. All comments
and suggestions will be appreciated very much!

Thanks again very much for trying Lugnut City!

Paul T. Dawson
Chincoteague Island, Virginia U.S.A.
March 27, 1992

/**** THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! ****/

Lugnut City V1.1 Documentation - Page 7

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