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Laser Light - A mind boggling puzzle game.
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Laser Light – A mind boggling puzzle game.
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Contents of the ORDER.DOC file

Laser Light Registration

We hope you enjoyed playing Laser Light. When you register your copy of Laser
Light, you will receive the "Registered Version." This version has 80 more
increasingly difficult rounds. These rounds contain atom bombs, gates, mazes
and gravity fields. Also, your registered version will contain more background
music and graphics.

Laser Light has been produced by Pixel Painters Corporation as an experiment
to explore ways to offer professional quality software at reasonable prices.
If you enjoy the game, but do not register, our experiment will fail! If the
response is good, Pixel Painters plans to produce many more Gamelet(tm)
programs ranging from action/arcade to adventure.

Thank you very much for your support - Pixel Painters.

To register:

Send $12 plus $3 for shipping (check or money order, sorry no COD's) to:

Pixel Painters Corporation
P.O. Box 2847
Merrifield, Virginia 22116

Please include the following information when registering:

Your name:_____________________________________________________________
Your address:__________________________________________________________
Your city, state & zip:________________________________________________
Your phone number:_____________________________________________________

Shipping address (if different from above):____________________________
Shipping city, state & zip:____________________________________________

Disk density and size: (5.25" DD) (3.5" DD) (5.25" HD) (3.5" HD)

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Please feel free to offer your suggestions and/or comments on a
seperate piece of paper. This will help us to improve our programs
and gear them more to our users' desires.

You may contact Pixel Painters by:

Voice: (703) 222-0568, Monday-Friday (10am-9pm EST)
CompuServe: [73733,262]
Mail: P.O. Box 2847, Merrifield, Virginia 22116

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