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VGA Adventure game with Sound Blaster support.
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VGA Adventure game with Sound Blaster support.
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Contents of the README.BAT file

echo off

Contents of the README.TXT file

echo off


System Requirements

This program is available in two versions: one with 8-bit samples (for use
with 8- or 16-bit Sound Blasters), and one with 16-bit samples (for use with
the Sound Blaster 16 only). Either version can also be used without a sound
card, using the PC's built-in speaker.

The system requirements vary with the version supplied. To check which
version you have, enter


from the DOS prompt.

The basic (8-bit samples) version requires the following:

- PC compatible computer
- VGA display adapter
- 512K RAM (640K for Sound Blaster, with 536,000 bytes free
as reported by CHKDSK)

Although it should (?) run on an 8086 machine, it probably needs a 286 or
better to be of any use.

The 16-bit sample version requires the following:

- PC compatible computer (286 or better)
- VGA display adapter
- 2Mb RAM (566,000 bytes free conventional memory, plus 622,592 bytes
(608K) of XMS (extended memory))
- Sound Blaster 16

This version can also be used on the basic system outlined above, if the PC
speaker sound option is used.


To install the program, all that is required is to create a directory for
it on your hard disk and copy the files across. A program is included to
do this for you, if necessary. Type INSTALL and follow the instructions


Start the game by typing


The first time this is done, the SETUP program will be run automatically,
allowing you to set the sound device and other options. This program can be
run at any time, should you want to change any of the settings, by entering


at the command prompt.

Note: If you are running the 16-bit version with the Sound Blaster 16, check
the treble setting on the mixer. The SB16 software has probably set this to
zero, to hide the noise heard when playing 8-bit samples. You should change
this back to 127 when playing 16-bit samples, otherwise the sound will be
unnecessarily dulled.


Should you have any problems running the program, a description of error
messages and possible solutions is available by typing


This also contains help on setting up your machine to get the best results
from the Sound Blaster cards.

You can also view *this* file (that you're reading now), by typing



The unregistered game is complete except for the hi-score table; this is
enabled by a password supplied on registration. If you like the game,
please register.

The registration fee is 10 (payment in sterling only please). Please send
cheques drawn on a UK bank, or international money orders, to:

Adrian Page
2 St Edburgs Close

Please make sure your name and address are printed clearly.

If you would like to obtain the 'other' version of the program (e.g. the
16-bit version if you've got the 8-bit one), please add an extra 2.50 (UK
residents; for outside the UK, add 5) to the registration fee, stating
clearly which version you require. The 8-bit version is supplied on a
3.5" 720k disk, the 16-bit version on 3.5" 1.44Mb disks.

All prices include postage & packaging.

Remember that the shareware concept can only work with your support. If you
want to see quality programs released as shareware, you must register.


The unregistered program may be copied and distributed freely, on condition
that all the original files and messages are included, unmodified.

The program and its associated files are, and will remain, copyright (C) 1993
Adrian Page.

-- + --

Sound Blaster is a registered trademark of Creative Labs, Inc..

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