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More tiles for MAHJONGG game. Corporate theme.
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More tiles for MAHJONGG game. Corporate theme.
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Contents of the LOGOS.TXT file

Mah Jongg Tile Set Description

Tile Set Name: LOGOS.TIL
Subject: Various Company/Product Logos
Created by: Tom Conway


After getting a hold of the TileMakr I brainstormed to try to come up
with a theme for making some tiles. After looking through the past
few months of TIME and LIFE magazines I came up with the idea of
using the logos that various companies employ to get us to remember
their products. The tiles I came up with, although not perfect by
any means, should be pretty recognizable for the most part. One that
you may not recognize is the big blue M (#3) which is the logo for
the accounting firm I work for: McGladrey & Pullen (my payback to
the company for sneaking in some Mahjongg time during working hours!).

I hope you enjoy the tiles as much as I enjoyed making them!!

The logos included in this set are as follows:

1) John Deere (please excuse the artwork)
2) McDonalds
3) McGladrey & Pullen
4) Isuzu
5) AT&T
6) Chevron
7) General Motors
8) Delta Airlines
9) Sony
10) Union 76
11) Chrysler
12) The Travelers
13) Greyhound (again, please excuse the artwork)
14) Kodak
15) BMW
16) CitiCorp
17) IBM
18) Honda
19) General Electric
20) Junior Achievement
21) Ralston-Purina
22) Raid
23) Pepsi
24) Warner Bros
25) Shell Oil
26) Oldsmobile
27) Hewlett Packard
28) Mercedes-Benz
29) Mitsubishi
30) Realtors
31) United Parcel Service
32) Burger King
33) Black & Decker
34) VISA
35) Walt Disney World
39) Time Life Books

Tiles rejected but still in the .TIL file for your enjoyment (or
43) MasterCard
I had a problem making it easy to recognize with only the
colored circles, so I tried putting in some abbreviations -
needless to say the space just wasn't there to make it look as
good as I wanted.
44) Novell
Although the network administrator at my office loved this
one, I didn't know if it would be recognized easily enough by
the non-computer crowd.
45) Ma Bell
Got replaced by AT&T (#5)
46) ABC (TV network)
I was originally going to do tiles 39-42 as the three major
networks and something like PBS for the final one, but then
my wife called out and said it was time for bed, so...
47) Olympics
It didn't seem to fit the theme for company logos.

[I apologize for any logos that aren't quite on the mark as far as
the artwork goes; art never was my strong point.]

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