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Three logic puzzles.
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Three logic puzzles.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Logic Problems
Shareware Version 1.6a

By Scott Urban

Congratulations on receiving a copy of the shareware version of
Logic Problems! In this version, you will be able to challenge
yourself against 3 of the 20 deductive analysis puzzles that are

To make the program work properly, I have passed out a copy of
Borland Windows Custom Controls library (BWCC.DLL) which must be
either placed in your Windows\System directory (preferred) on in
the directory that you are running LOGIC.EXE from.

Feel free to send in your own original logic problems,
intelligence puzzles, etc. for the next version of 'Logic'. If
your puzzle is used in the program, you will receive a FREE copy
of the next version plus $20! Please don't forget to include
your answers with your problems.

To order the registered version of Logic Problems, send $15 to:

Scott Urban
P.O. Box 292637
Columbus, Oh 43229

The registered version is only available on 3.5" disks.

Also, you can use this version as long as you like and can pass
out to all of your friends.

Feel free To contact me with any problems, questions, or suggestions.
My America Online user name is BOGIE5555 or my CompuServe ID #75247,2551.

Thanks and good luck playing!

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