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Connect four game. cga.
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Connect four game. cga.
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LINK FOUR is a graphic game for the IBM PC and compatible computers, in which
players take turns dropping pieces in a vertical grid. It requires a color
graphics card.

The object of the game is to get four pieces in a row horizontally, vertically
or diagonally.

This game can be played by two players, by one player against the computer, or
by the computer alone for demonstration.

Either the cursor keys or a mouse can be used with LINK FOUR:

LEFT, RIGHT arrow or mouse motion = select a move or option
DOWN or LEFT MOUSE BUTTON = make a move
S = sound on/off
Q = quit the game
The mouse driver must be installed for LINK FOUR to recognize the mouse.

If you enjoy this game, send $10 to:

The Great Canadian Computer Company
17 Waverly Crescent
Spruce Grove
Alberta T7X 1N5

This will assist the development of quality public domain software, and we
will send you descriptions of our other public domain games, household
utilities and MIDI music software.

LINK FOUR may be distributed only without charge.

LINK FOUR Copywrite (C) 1986 by The Great Canadian Computer Company

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