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Lotto Challenger is a number selection program that can be used with
all Pick-5, Pick-6 and Pick-7 Lotto games. Lotto Challenger is by
design, easy to learn and use. However, we recommend that you print
the documentation file, LC.DOC, and at least glance through it
before using the program.

We have spent many hours developing Lotto Challenger over the past
two years. We estimate total development time to be about 2000
hours spent in some way, form, or fashion getting Lotto Challenger
to this point. We have enjoyed most of that time (who really likes
debugging programs!), but expect some compensation for our efforts.
Put yourself in our place; we are sure you'll agree.

Two data files for the Florida lotteries are included with the
package so that you can begin using the program immediately. Of
course you can type in the numbers for your own state if you wish.

Payment of the $29.50 registration fee entitles you to the most
recent version of Lotto Challenger, program support, a current
state data file of your choice, and our regulary distributed Lotto
Challenger newsletter. You can print a registration form by
pressing F9 at the Lotto Challenger Challenger main menu, and then
pressing F10 at the closing screen.

This is a Shareware program. It is NOT FREE. Do not confuse the
purchase of this package from a distribution house from your
obligation to register, if you decide to continue using this program.
Keep the cost of Shareware down by registering for Shareware
software that is of value to you!

You have permission to make unlimited copies of the program and to
distribute those copies as long as no fee is charged for the program.
A duplication charge not to exceed $6.00 may be collected.

If you are a Shareware distribution center and did not receive this
copy directly from Data Solutions, you MUST complete the top of the
registration form and mail it to us. This is so that we know who is
distributing the package and can provide you with the latest version
of Lotto Challenger.

We hope you enjoy using the program. Please let us know any time you
win "BIG" money using Lotto Challenger. Your name will be included
in the next Lotto Challenger Newsletter. Any suggestions for program
improvements are always welcome.

Version History:

Version 3.1 10/01/89 Original version

Version 3.2 11/11/89 1. Corrected a bug in the Statistics Summary
which caused incorrect averages and
percentages to be displayed if a large
data file was used.

2. Previously, a number was Overdue if it had
not been drawn in the past 10 drawings
and if it was in the upper 50% of the
number drawing frequency list. Overdue
numbers are now numbers which have not
been drawn in the past 10 drawings and
appear in the upper 25% of the drawing
frequency list.

Version 3.3 01/02/90 1. Gave the user the option to change how
many drawings are used to determine
whether a number is Hot, Cold, or
Overdue. If the user deletes the file
LC.CFG prior to running Lotto Challenger,
he is prompted at the title screen to
enter the number of drawings to be used.
The program defaults still defaults to
10 drawings for Hot, Cold and Overdue
numbers. Refer to the file LC.DOC for
more information.

2. Added the ability to include Bonus numbers
in the statistical analysis. A new
question concerning Bonus numbers has been
added to the Configuration screen. Refer
to Chapter 8 in the documentation for more

Version 3.4 02/11/90 1. After the user selects a number system to
play, the prize guarantee for the system
selected is displayed at the bottom of the
screen. The user may press ESC to cancel
playing that system, or press any other key
to continue.

2. The registration form is now printed by
pressing F10 on the closing screen.

3. The ASP logo was added to the title screen
and the program documentation.

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Archive   : LC34.ZIP
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