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Ladder v1.0 - a rather interesting game where you climb ladders to get around, 30 levels to explore, very challenging.

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Ladder Man is a fun-filled, mind-bending game of logic,
planning, and problem solving that will have you up all
night as you try to master all 30 floors. Each room is
filled with a maze of obstacles that you use to create
your own escape. Position balls, avoid water hazards, and
elude fires and other obstacles as you use your ladder to
climb up and out of a room. Ladder Man is a pure strategy
game, a puzzler's delight!

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Ladder v1.0 – a rather interesting game where you climb ladders to get around, 30 levels to explore, very challenging.
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Contents of the LADDER.DOC file




Programed by William Soleau
Version 1.0 (c) 1992

Soleau Software Staff

Graphic Designer Katie Langan
General Manager Kevin Santee

Requires: EGA/VGA
Hard Disk Strongly Recommended

Files Needed:
Ladder.exe Ladder.ov2 Ladder.ov5 Ladder.ov8
Ladder.ov0 Ladder.ov3 Ladder.ov6 Ladder.ov9
Ladder.ov1 Ladder.ov4 Ladder.ov7 Ladder.ovg

* Objective *

Ladder Man is another problem solving puzzle game from
Soleau Software. The objective is to find a way to collect all
the yellow diamonds located on each floor, then succeed in
climbing to the top of the room. There are 30 floors of
puzzles to solve in Ladder Man 1.

* Moving Ladder Man / Solving Room *

You control the movements of Ladder Man by using the
arrow keys. Ladder Man is effected by gravity, so he needs to
use his ladder to climb on to objects to reach his goals. The
space bar activates his ladder which can only reach up two
grids. Using your problem solving skills, you must figure out
how to grab all the diamonds located in each room. Once all
the diamonds have been collected, a yellow bar will appear at
the top of the screen. This yellow bar means that all the
diamonds have been taken. Ladder Man must now climb to the top
of the room and reach for the yellow bar allows him to exit
the puzzle.

* Objects *

There are many objects located on each floor that can be
used to help you complete each room. There are balls that you
can push around to create steps for you to climb up on. There
are Multi Blocks, Four Ball Holders, Gondolas, Fire Hydrants
and more objects which will help you achieve the solution to
the puzzle. These objects are demonstrated in the DEMO Program
which can be selected at the Main Menu. There are two hazards
you must avoid, fire and water. If Ladder Man walks or falls
into either of these, your attempt at the room will be over
and you will be asked if you want to try the same room again.

* Personal Score Cards / Solutions *

When you first play the game, you are asked to create
your own score card. By entering your initials, you create a
personal file that will keep track of the rooms you've solved
and the number of attempts it took. If you complete a room and
your number of moves was the lowest on record, then your
solution to that room will be saved and you can play back your
solution by starting the room over again and pressing the
slution key. Only players that have completed the room will
be allowed to see the solution.

(The SOLUTION.DOC file describes how you can get our solutions
to all the rooms Free! See SOLUTION.DOC file for details.)

There are many different strategies that you can use to
solve these puzzles. If a floor seems to be giving you
problems, go on to another one and come back to it later. You
can access any of the 30 different rooms from the Main Menu.
There is at least one solution for each floor.

* DEMO *

All the objects you can encounter on the different floors
are described in the DEMO PROGRAM, which is accessed from the
Main Menu. If you are new to the game, this DEMO will take
you through a puzzle room step by step so that you will
understand the elements of the game. It is STRONGLY
RECOMMENDED to run the DEMO program when playing Ladder Man
for the first time.

* Key definitions *

Arrow Keys = Move Ladder Man
Space Bar = Put up ladder

uit = Quits floor and takes you back to Main Menu
ive up = Used to attempt the floor over again
eys = Key definitions
ound = Sound toggle
slution = Plays back the solution to floor if you've
solved it or have sent in the Solution.doc
file to Soleau Software for the free
solutions to all floors.
(see SOLUTION.DOC file)

* Important Note *

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that Ladder Man be put in a
separate directory on your Hard Drive. Due to the graphics
involved, the loading and exiting of the game will be
considerably slower from a floppy disk. Ladder Man creates many
files as you continue to play. If playing from a low density
floppy disk, you might run out of room eventually, therefore you
should either transfer the game to a HD disk or erase some of
the document files included with the game. Whether playing from a
floppy disk or a Hard Drive, due to the number of files the
game creates, you should locate the game in its own sub-directory.



Ladder Man is first in a series of new games by Soleau
Software called Mindscape Games. These games are non-
competitive logic games which use problem solving skills as
opposed to the quick reflexes needed for arcade type games.
Our company is dedicated to producing the finest logic games
marketed through Shareware.
There is no registration fee for Ladder Man 1, because we
are distributing this game as a way to introduce Soleau
Software's Mindscape Series of games to Shareware users.
However, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to
read the LAD_REG.DOC file. This file describes how you can
get information on our many other games and how to become a
Soleau Software Member by registering one of our games. As a
registered member your entitled to discounts on other Soleau
Software and Special Bonus Package Offers.


Ladder Man II is the sequel, which has 30 MORE! floors of
mind bending puzzles. A $12.00 registration fee gives you
both Ladder Man 1 & 2 and all the solutions. Further
information regarding registrations for this series and other
Soleau Software games can be found at the closing screen of
the Ladder Man Game, or in the LAD_REG.DOC file.

We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope
you will continue to enjoy this as well as our other Shareware


William Soleau

Soleau Software

163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite 213
NYC, NY. 10023

* * * * * * *

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