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Kentucky Hills Golf Course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
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Kentucky Hills Golf Course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
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KT-HILLS.H9 7552 4684 deflated
KT-HILLS.LDM 20939 9895 deflated
KT-HILLS.MIN 5583 2860 deflated
KT-HILLS.OMM 32966 17378 deflated
KT-HILLS.PRC 1304 880 deflated
KT-HILLS.TXT 702 433 deflated

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Contents of the KT-HILLS.TXT file

Welcome to Kentuckey Hills C.C. Nestled among hills and Pines this course
will prove to be a challange for the long ball hitter. You may still hit long but,
you must place the shot. Greens are not too tough, though not easy by any means.
There are some nice drop areas, long, wide fairways. Prevailing wind is from
the southwest, light. You may change if it proves to be a problem (I have found
none to date).
Thanks to one Mr. Willett. I liked his flowers and bench. I used them in this
course. I hope he doesn't mind. Enjoy!!!! This is a fantasy course.

Wayne N. Krivoniak
I.D. on:
Prodigy RPPP87A
AOL Mad One

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