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Pretty good word game, similiar to scrabble.
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Pretty good word game, similiar to scrabble.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

KrisKros requires a minimum of an IBM-compatible 80286-based computer, an
enhanced graphics adapter with 256K of video RAM with an enhanced color
monitor, and a Microsoft-compatible mouse.

As distributed, KrisKros consists of the following files:

README.1STThe file you are reading now
KRIS.DOCInstructions for playing the game
KRIS.EXEKrisKros main program
RESOURCE.KRSKrisKros resource file

If any of the above files are missing, you may obtain a diskette (please
specify 5.25" or 3.5") containing a complete shareware version of the
program by sending $5.00 to the author at the address below:

Robert M. Hirbernik
P. O. Box 2536
Pueblo, Colorado 81005-0536

You may become a registered user of KrisKros by remitting $15.00. When
you register KrisKros, you will receive the latest version of the
software registered in your name, a printed instruction manual and the
opportunity to receive future upgrades.

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