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KOSYNKA rev 1.1

Copyright 1992 Sergey Rhyzkov
All rights reserved

This file is provided for disk vendors and BBS operators.


Russian solitaire similar to Klondike but with two decks of cards.

This program implements the solitaire which is known in
Russia as "Kosynka" ("Big Scarf"). The rules of this solitaire
are rather analogous to the well-known solitaire Klondike,
but this variant uses a double pack (104 cards) which is
arranged in 9 (or 10) columns. Very nice, Russian face cards.


PC compatible computer with EGA or VGA. Works with mouse or keyboard.


This game is fully designed in Moscow, Russia and distributed
as Shareware. The game is implemented by Sergey Ryzhkov.
Pictures by Tatjana Ovsjannikova. If you enjoy this game and
play it every now and then you can become a registered user
of the game. To register your copy send $15 (U.S. funds) to
his agent in the USA

Everett Kaser
35405 Spruce St SW
Albany, OR 97321

phone: Weekdays: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Pacific Time
Weekends: 8:30am - 9:00pm

The file REGISTER.DOC may be printed to obtain a registration
form. You may contact the author via Internet as:

[email protected]
[email protected]

In Compuserve you can send mail to Internet using the address:

>internet: [email protected]

This is the most preferable way to contact the author, but if
you have some problems with e-mail you may also use the post
Sergey Ryzhkov
fl.14, Zubovsky proesd,2
119021, Moscow, Russia

The full game package includes the following files

kosynka.exe - game executable file
kosynka.doc - this file
register.doc - registration form

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Archive   : KOSYNK11.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

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