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KOSYNKA rev 1.1

Copyright 1992 Sergey Rhyzkov
All rights reserved

This program implements the solitaire which is known in
Russia as "Kosynka" ("Big Scarf"). The rules of this solitaire
are rather analogous to the well-known solitaire Klondike,
but this variant uses a double pack (104 cards) which is
arranged in 9 (or 10) columns.

To play this game, you are to use PC with EGA or VGA graphic
adapter. It is desirable to use a mouse with a Microsoft
compatible driver, but you may also use a keyboard interface.

This game is fully designed in Moscow, Russia and distributed
as Shareware. The game is implemented by Sergey Ryzhkov.
Pictures by Tatjana Ovsjannikova. If you enjoy this game and
play it every now and then you can become a registered user
of the game. To register your copy send $15 (U.S. funds) to
his agent in the USA

Everett Kaser
35405 Spruce St SW
Albany, OR 97321

phone: Weekdays: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Pacific Time
Weekends: 8:30am - 9:00pm

The file REGISTER.DOC may be printed to obtain a registration
form. You may contact the author via Internet as:

[email protected]
[email protected]

In Compuserve you can send mail to Internet using the address:

>internet: [email protected]

This is the most preferable way to contact the author, but if
you have some problems with e-mail you may also use the post
Sergey Ryzhkov
fl.14, Zubovsky proesd,2
119021, Moscow, Russia

The full game package includes the following files

kosynka.exe - game executable file
kosynka.doc - this file
register.doc - registration form


In Kosynka (Big Scarf) Solitaire two sets of playing-cards
(104 cards) are laid out in 10 columns so that you have got
one card in the first column, two cards in the second one,
three in the third one, etc. The last card in a column is put
face-up, while all the other cards in the column are laid

Aces are the basic cards of Kosynka Solitaire and if you see
aces among the face-up cards, lay them out in a particular
row - the suit row. While moving cards across, you should
build up the suit packs with face-up cards in an increasing
order (starting with twos up to the Kings).


- You can put face-up cards or cards that become face-up
while you move cards across, upon face-up cards of the
columns in a decreasing order. Put black cards upon red
ones and red cards upon black ones.

- You can turn over a face-down card only after you have
moved across all the face-up cards of this column. You
can move across either a single card or a number of
face-up cards at the bottom of the column.

- If a column becomes vacant as a result of moving cards
across, you can put a King at the top of the column (a
single card or a set of cards starting with the King).

- After you have moved across all possible cards in the
columns, you can turn over the cards of the deck pack,
one by one, and place them in accordance with the rules
of the game upon the face-up cards of the columns and
suit rows. Meanwhile do not forget to move cards across
in the columns.

- The cards of the deck pack that "do not play" form a
reserve pack the upper face-up card of which can be any
time put upon the face-up cards of the columns and suit

- When you turn the last card of the deck pack face-up, the
deck pack can be used again. It is not shuffled, but only
turned over. The deck pack can be turned over only once.

- The solitaire is a success if you manage to build up 8
suit packs.

Some solitaire players deny that the deck pack can be turned
over but other enthusiasts of the game do not follow the
rules strictly and turn over the deck pack more than once -
two and even three times. Your choice is up to you but
remember that you can only receive our congratulations in
case you follow the rules described above.



To move a card across place the mouse cursor onto the card,
then press the left mouse button and move the card to the
desired place. Then release button to leave the card at a
new place. To turn over the pack, click within the frame where
the pack just gone. To move a card up to ace stack, use double

If you use keyboard interface then use arrows to move the
cursor. To move a card or a group of cards place the cursor
onto it and press Enter. Then move the card to the desired
place using arrows and then press Enter. You can use Space
bar to move the card under the cursor to ace. You can also
use Home and End keys to set the cursor onto the first and
last open cards in a column.


To start a new game choose "Game" item on the Main Menu and
then choose "New Game" option. A new game will start.


To replay same game choose "Game" item on the Main Menu and
then choose "Repeat Game". The current game will start again.


To save current game choose "Game" item on the Main Menu and
then choose "Save game" option. The current game will saved
in file.


To load saved game choose "Game" item on the Main Menu and
then choose "Load game" option. The saved game will started.


To back up one move select "Undo" item on the "Game" menu or
if you use keyboard interface press "Alt" and "U"


You can choose either of two variations of the game. In the
first one there are 9 columns in the game, in the other 10.
To choose the variation you would like to play select "9
columns" or "10 columns" item in the "Options" menu. You can
set this option only before starting a new game.

From the author...

I am from Moscow, so I know the dramatic economic situation
in Russia and in other ex-Soviet countries. And I am also in
such a situation. So I do not insist on your registrating if
you live in one of these countries.

This program is the first solitaire game that I have
implemented. Now I am implementing some other games of the
solitaire type and if you are a solitaire fan I shall be glad
to inform you when my other products will come out. As I have
already remarked, Internet is the most preferable way to
contact me.

I wish you have a good time with this game! Best regards from
Russia to everybody!

Sergey Ryzhkow
Moscow, Russia

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