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AWESOME take off of Wolfenstien 3d, has awesome VGA graphics, and cool ADLIB, and Soundblaster Sounds, and voices. Get this. Has some features that Appogee forgot to include. Also can remap entire keyboard.

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KEN's LABYRINTH a Virtual Reality game.
In this game, patterned after the classic
Wolfenstein game, you must save earth by
being able to survive and escaping the
labyrinth. The world is counting on you!

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AWESOME take off of Wolfenstien 3d, has awesome VGA graphics, and cool ADLIB, and Soundblaster Sounds, and voices. Get this. Has some features that Appogee forgot to include. Also can remap entire keyboard.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

KEN's LABYRINTH a Virtual Reality game.
In this game, patterned after the classic
Wolfenstein game, you must save earth by
being able to survive and escaping the
labyrinth. The world is counting on you!

+ - Faster
- - Slower
ESC - Quit

K e n ' s L a b y r i n t h N o t e s :

Started: Monday, October 12, 1992
Revised: Friday, January 1, 1993

1. History:

On June 9, 1992, I had first seen the shareware version of Wolfenstein.
Since my brother (Alan) was playing Wolfenstein constantly all day, I decided
to win over his time by creating a game similar to it, except my own. So on
June 16, 1992, I started, never knowing that the game would turn into what
it is today. The first thing I did was to figure out how to draw variable
size vertical lines from a 64*64 bitmap. Then, I studied about how I could
project this onto the screen. Next, I decided to store four mathematical
pictures in a file, with the fifth one being my picture. The number of
pictures has been increasing steadily over the past four months, currently
at 192. The next big task to solve was how to clip movement so you do
not go through walls. After some time, I decided to start some of the many
algorithms that draw planes on the screen quickly and correctly. This was
one of the toughest parts of the program, yet after a week of working on the
problem, I finally solved it. In October, I was constantly adding the
smaller features, such as a life bar, 8 monsters, 2 hazards (fans & holes)
3 types of food, 2 keys, 4 magical items (2 potions and capes), the status
bar, the floor map automatically taking the place of a reserved bitmap,
Adlib music, 360*240 resolution support, Sound Blaster digitized sound
support, death animation, introduction screen, custom setup by means of a
separate setup program, and animations at the ends of floors. So far there
are 27 floors, each having its own original song. I thank Andrew Cotter for
creating 22 out of the 27 current floors, for drawing just about half of all
of the art, and for sharing his many ideas that are currently in the game.

Here are some of the more recent additions:

- XMS extended memory support.
- Introduction screen in the GIF format.
- WALLS.KZP now uses LZW compression rather than Run-Length Encoding.
- 3d-shading.
- New weapon selection keys.
- Strafe key.
- Doors that you can open and close.
- New type of secret - Shootable walls, not just walk-through walls.
- Much better art job.
- Story screen.
- Cool readme program. (I hope you understand this one)
- Up to 16 warp zones per level.
- Final boss
- High score table

2. Story:

The fate of the Planet Earth is in your hands! The scientific community
on the planet Zogar has been searching the universe for the alien race most
able to survive adversity. Some have been extremely intelligent, but were
lacking in physical skills. Others were great warriors but did not match
the Zogarians in intellect. You will be judged by your performance in a
unique labyrinth on Zogar, one which will test your physical and mental
aptitude (you know, like one of those Idaho tests, but with music in the
background). So far, not one civilization has been deemed worthy by
King Xenhai. Should you fail, well, let's just say that Earth will be blown
into a million pieces, each the size of a pea.

Your objective is simple: Find your way out of the labyrinth. On top of
the labyrinth is the spectators' box, where Xenhai has been watching. If you
make it out, then Earth, and all life on it, will be saved.

3. Requirements:

- Any IBM PC compatible computer such as 8086,80286,80386,80486.
(80386 or better strongly recommended for best game speed)
- At least 965K of memory, with at least 210K in conventional, and an
XMS or EMS driver already loaded.
- VGA display card with VGA monitor.
- Approximately 926K of free hard disk space.

4. Installation:

Make a directory on the hard drive, then simply use the DOS "COPY"
command to copy all the files on the disk into the directory on the hard
drive. Then type "SETUP" in the directory on the hard drive to set the
computer up with the correct hardware and key definitions. After saving
the custom setup, type "LAB" to play the game.

5. Controls:

Before you play, be sure to use the setup program in the same directory
by typing "SETUP". If you do not define keys, here is a list of the
default keys that I find easy to use:

Move FORWARD - Up arrow
Move BACKWARD - Down arrow
Turn LEFT - Left arrow
Turn RIGHT - Right arrow
RUN - Left shift
STRAFE (walk sideways) - Right ctrl
SHOOT - Left ctrl
Weapon 1 (red FIREBALLS) - F1
Weapon 2 (green BOUNCY-BULLETS) - F2
UNLOCK DOOR - Space bar
RAISE/LOWER STATUS BAR - Enter (above right shift key)

6. About the things seen in the game:


Bullets - You can get up to six bullet powers of each kind of bullet.
The more bullet powers you have, the more often you can
Normal bullets (red) - Just a simple straight-flying bullet.
Bouncy bullets (green) - These bullets bounce off all walls that
you cannot normally walk through.
Lightnings - You can get up to six lightnings. The more lightnings
you have, the farther each bullet will travel.
Extra Lives - You can get up to 4 extra lives. When you die, the
floor does NOT reset. However you do go back to the starting
position. If you have no extra lives when you die, the game is
over. (surprised?)
Keys - There are two keys possible for each level. Both disappear
after each level is completed.
Gold Key - Unlocks any doors with the gold "Insert Key" sign.
Silver Key - Unlocks any doors with the silver "Insert Key" sign.
Life bar - On the top of the status bar, there is a row of small white
boxes. If all of the boxes are white then you are perfectly
healthy. When all boxes turn black, you die.
Fries (yellow lines in a teacup) - adds 5 white boxes of life.
Meals (meat and a glass) - adds 10 white boxes of life.
First-aid kits - adds 20 white boxes of life.
Magical items - These items last for only 30 seconds, then they
disappear. If you have two of the same type of magical item
at the same time, then you will have 60 seconds of use, for
three - 90 seconds of use, etc.
Purple potions - Hits monsters with more power every time they are
shot, and allows red and orange bullets to pass through walls
that you can't walk through.
Gray cloak - Enemies and their bullets pass right through
you. The only way to die with these is to fall down a hole.

7. Add-Ons:

Buy More Levels for Ken's Labyrinth!

Board Pack 1 ($15)

The Next 10 Levels Plus One BONUS Level Free!
The new levels introduce:
New heat seeking missiles,
More powerful potions,
More Decorative Walls,
Working soda machines deliver your wish,
The Powerful Blue Cloak
and MANY more Hideous Evil Monsters!

Board Pack 2 ($15) You must already own Pack 1 or be getting
the combo option

The Next 10 Levels Plus BOSS Level Free!
Board Pack 2 adds more strategy, more challenging
levels with tougher mazes, more intelligent
monsters and even more secrets! Just wait till
the evil boss sees you.

Or Get Both Board Packs for Just $25 !!!

Price list for boards:

Board Pack 1 $15
Board Pack 2 $15 (Only if you already own Pack 1)
Both Packs 1+2 $25

Ken's Labyrinth Developers' Toolkit
(Will be available soon)

Make Your Own Levels! Create New Challenges!
Change the Evil Monsters!

You Get: EDITDATA.EXE (for changing the walls and floors)
COMPRESS.EXE (to make your changes work)
SPRIDRAW.EXE (to view the sprites)
PLAYKSM.EXE (to play LAB3D songs in DOS)
KGIF.EXE (to view .GIF files)

But Wait. There's More! You get over 25 original songs just
waiting to hit the top 40! Just add lyrics! (or use it as your
very own Karaoke Machine!)

- All for just $35

8. Technical support:

If you have any problems, questions, or ideas about Ken's Labyrinth,
you may write us at these addresses or call us at these phone numbers:

Ken Silverman Andrew Cotter
Advanced Systems Assistant Artist
Programmer/Artist/Composer 25 Bow Street
50 Cindyann Drive East Greenwich, RI 02818
East Greenwich, RI 02818 (401) 884-0484
(401) 884-6723
E-mail: [email protected]

Please excuse us if there is ever any delay in responses because Ken is
going to college next year and Andy has too much homework.

8. People who need mention yet were still pains in the butt:

Alan Silverman Mahesh Jayaraman
Advanced Systems Advanced Systems

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