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Commander Keen version 4.0 "Secret of the Oracle" from Apogee.
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Commander Keen version 4.0 “Secret of the Oracle” from Apogee.
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CATALOG.EXE 24507 24163 deflated
CONFIG.CK4 543 187 deflated
EGAGRAPH.CK4 487332 360814 deflated
GAMEMAPS.CK4 99040 66131 deflated
KEEN4E.EXE 102355 95715 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2346 870 deflated
README.DOC 1590 812 deflated
SAVEGAM0.CK4 12286 3869 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Commander Keen in "Secret of the Oracle"
Copyright (c) 1991, Id Software Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Distributed by Apogee Software Productions (Member SPA)

Attention VGA Users! Certain VGA cards, specifically SuperVGA cards, do not
provide 100% compatibility with IBM's VGA standard. If a black horizontal
line appears when playing the game or if motion appears jagged then try
selecting "Super VGA compatibility" mode from the OPTIONS choice in the
CONFIGURE menu. If you set the option once it will be stored permanently
in the configuration file

Pressing F1 from anywhere in the game will provide you with detailed help
and ordering information regarding our other fine games.

We hope you enjoy this game. Please feel free to pass your comments and
suggestions to us via Apogee Software Productions whose address is contained
within the ordering information screen (press F1). Please do not forget that
this game is distributed through shareware and as such we, our dealers and
distributors rely on your honesty and financial support in order that we can
continue to provide the quality products and exceptional value you have come
to expect from Id Software, Inc. and Apogee Software Productions.

Mark A. Rein, and Scott Miller,
President, Id Software Inc. President, Apogee Software Productions

P.S. It may interest you to know that there are currently six episodes of
Commander Keen now available. Please read the "Order Info" pages (F1)
within "Secret of the Oracle" for further details. Enjoy the game!

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