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³ Hidden Kaos v1.0
³ Copyright (C) 1990
³ By Philip Maland
³ 05/25/90

This program is hereby released into the public domain. The author makes
no claim as to the fitness of this program. The author is not responsible
for any damages resulting from the use or abuse of this program. Hidden Kaos
may be freely distributed, as long as no money changes hands. Thanks.

Program Info:

KaosKeys is a simple joke program written out of sheer boredom. It took
under an hour of my time to write it, so I am not asking for any donations
for the use of KaosKeys. Judging by the success of my other joke TSRs, I
figured it was about time to release another one. This version, Hidden Kaos,
is capable of hiding from standard memory mapping programs.


To load, just type KAOSHIDE at the dos prompt. Once it is installed,
any alpha key typed (A through Z) will be randomly capitalized. Other keys
will not be affected.

The first time it is run, it will not display any message. This is to
prevent suspicion on the part of the Jokee (the person you are playing the
joke on (that isn't a word, is it?)) Running it again will display the
copyright message, and inform you that it is loaded.

The best way to play this joke is to rename KaosHide to something that
looks harmless, like Speedisk, and add a line to their AUTOEXEC.BAT file
that says "Speedisk FAST". Then reboot the computer and walk away.

Since adding an uninstall feature to a program is such a pain, the only
way to remove KaosHide from memory is to use programs like Mark and Release
by TurboPower Software, or to reboot.

By request, this version, which hides from MapMem, has been released. It
uses some questionable programming techniques, but the source is commented.

About the author:

Address: Philip Maland
711 W. Casino Rd. Apt. 6A2
Everett, WA 98204
(206) 355-8524

If you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, concerns, questions
etc, please write to me at the above address (or call). I can also be
reached on:

CompuServe: 72020,3626
ProVision BBS
(206) 353-6966
Sysop: Joel Bergen
Home of Global War

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Archive   : KAOSHIDE.ZIP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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