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Jungle cruise country club, golf course for Jack Nicklaus golf game.
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Jungle cruise country club, golf course for Jack Nicklaus golf game.
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Contents of the JUNGLESE.TXT file



After purchasing JNSE and downloading some magnificent courses from
various BBS's, I decided I would attempt to design a course of my own to
share with everyone. I had racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with
a design that would be challenging for me to design and original enough for
the public to enjoy playing (and viewing). Then one day while working
on the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland, it hit me. The Jungle Cruise
is a perfect land plot for a golf course. So I got a map of the river and
went to work. The design is, of course, not to scale, but I think it fits
in nicely for my purposes. To put things in perspective, to the North of
the river would be New Orleans Square, to the East is the loading dock for
the attraction and the rest of Adventureland. To the South is Main Street
U.S.A. And to the West is the parking lot.


Routing this course was very difficult for some reason. I had a hard
time getting holes one and 18 next to each other. I had some major routing
problems on hole 11 which are still there. (If anyone can fix it without
messing up the hole, please let me know!!)
This course favors the long ball hitter. There are lots of 400+ yard
par 4's. In general, the fairways are wide and the greens are big. I didn't
mix up the shot values too much, a mistake I didn't discover untill after
I had completed the course.
There are no cart paths on this course, except for the path linking
holes 8 and 9. To get from hole to hole, you have to hop on on of the
Jungle Cruise boats with its joke-cracking captain. These boats can be seen
throughout the course.
Also seen throughout the course is Old Smiley, one of the laziest crocs
in these parts. Try not to get too close to him, he's always looking for
a "handout"!! Once, there was an English teacher playing a round of golf
who got too close to Old Smiley. He's now theaching shorthand!!!!
Unfortunately, my design skills do not allow me to include other
fairways and greens in the hole plots. In the future, as I become more
familliar with different techniques, I will be able to do this.


All of the objects on this course are my own original designs save two.
The pine tree is a re-colored Willett tree and the ball washer and bench is
also a Willett object. All others were done by me using the object editor
or DeluxePaint II Enhanced.


The background on this course is one designed by GRIII. I picked up
his 3 different backgrounds off the Double Eagle BBS. The mountain, clouds,
and the waterfall were all added by me. BTW, that waterfall is Schweitzer
Falls. Named after that famed African explorer, Dr. Albert Falls. I also
re-colored the water using the pallete editor.


1 424 4 10 320 4
2 578 5 11 194 3
3 392 4 12 405 4
4 461 4 13 181 3
5 226 3 14 488 5
6 232 3 15 512 5
7 544 5 16 440 4
8 394 4 17 384 4
9 461 4 18 394 4

Some of the holes have titles to them. Hole 18 is called "Six-shot" This
refers to the term we use on the Jungle Cruise attraction when one of the
boats becomes de-railed. The term dates back to the early days of the park
before we had radios. If a boat became de-railed, the skipper loaded
special ammo into his gun (very LOUD ammo) and fired six shots into the air.
This signals the guys on the dock that he is de-railed. We still use six-
shots today, but we have radios to make things easier.


There are many people whom I would like to thank. First and foremost
I wish to thank the entire "Prodigy Gang" for all of thier advice to a
rookie designer like myself. Their support and encouragement is, in my
opinion, above and beyond the call of duty. Next I would like to thank Mark
Willett and Gene Rodriguez for the use of their objects and background.
And lastly I would like to thank the love of my life for letting me sit at
home and play on the pooter.

I hope you find this course a challenge to play and a joy to view. I
have spent many hours designing this course for the sole reason for others
to enjoy. Any comments or suggestions are GREATLY appriciated. If you are
ever at Disneyland in Anaheim, stop by the REAL Jungle Cruise and say HI!

Jeff Wheeler
3841 Heather St.
Seal Beach, Ca 90740


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