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Word Jumble v1.0: Nice little word jumble puzzle generator.
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Word Jumble v1.0: Nice little word jumble puzzle generator.
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Contents of the JUMBLE.DOC file

Thank-you for trying Word Jumble! The concept of the program is actually
quite simple -- word jumble (search) puzzles are created (50X50 matrix),
as they are in the newspapers -- but *YOU* are the one who creates them!

To execute Word Jumble, simple type in "Jumble"; you will then be prompted
to enter word #1. At this point, you may enter up to 50 words; each word
is to be at least 3 characters in length, but not to exceed 20 characters.
If you make a major mistake while entering a word, pressing "ESCAPE" will
return the cursor to its "home" position (the cursor is represented by
a "home-plate" style character).

While the cursor is in its home position, any of the following function
keys may be used:

$* F1 : Load a saved puzzle
$ F3 : Print answer key
F6 : Print puzzle
* F8 : Save puzzle
F10: Exit from current function (or program)

$ = Available in registered versions only.
* = Does not work when a puzzle is loaded.

When you print the puzzle (or answer key), the puzzle will be randomized --
the only exceptions to this are when you are printing a loaded puzzle, or
you did not add any new words to the puzzle since the last print.

When enterring words into the puzzle, only letters are accepted as input,
and each letter is then capitalized, as they are in the word jumbles in
your local paper; when entering a file name, any combination of letters
or numbers may be used.

When executed, Word Jumble looks for a file called "JUMBLE.CFG", which
contains any registration information, as well as the printer number to
be used. This file *MUST* be in the current directory (if it is not found,
default values are used). I would suggest setting up a .BATch file
to execute Word Jumble. Here is a sample file:

cd \jumble

When saving a puzzle, two files will be created:
"FILE".WRD ( 2142 bytes)
"FILE".PZL (10000 bytes)
12142 bytes

If you ever accidently hit a wrong key (ie. F8 to save puzzle), hitting
F10 will return you to the previous screen -- consider "F10" to be your
"emergency backup" key! 🙂

If you find Word Jumble useful, you are encouraged to register it -- it
only costs $7, and, for each copy that is registered with your name &
serial number, you will receive a $2 commission!

Should you have any questions, comments, or bug reports, please feel free
to contact me either on:
The Witch City BBS : [(508) 745-1689]
CompUServe : (73030,446)
GEnie : D.DEVOE1
or write me at:
Dan Devoe
46 Buena Vista Ave
Salem, MA 01970-1042

This program (Word Jumble) is provided "as-is", with no warranties, either
implied or implicit. There is no guarentee that said program will work
on your machine, and the author is not responsible in any way, means, or
form responsible for any damage to your system or accessories from using
this product.

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