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Graphically learn how to juggle.
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Graphically learn how to juggle.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

---------------------- 3 ball Juggler ---------------------------
--- A fast, EGA/VGA juggling tutor with challenging arcade game ---
Ver. 1.13

"3 ball Juggler" uses fast animation with high resolution EGA/VGA
graphics to teach juggling. In addition to teaching all the
fundamentals of three ball juggling, the program demonstrates some
common mistakes most beginners make. Graphic and text instruction of
several tricks are also provided. Speed can be varied allowing the
juggling to be viewed in slow motion. A challenging multi-level
nonviolent arcade game is also included. This game simulates
juggling with control over each hand. (Distributed via Shareware.)

To run "3 ball Juggler" go to the drive and directory containing the
program and type J . High resolution (640 x 350) color EGA or
VGA is required. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions
regarding this program. Please send them to:

First Magnitude
175 E. Alex-Bell Road
Suite 220-316
Centerville OH 45459

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