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A cheat for Jill of the Jungle.
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A cheat for Jill of the Jungle.
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Contents of the JILL1CHT.TXT file

This program will modify all of your save game files for
Jill of the Jungle by Epic MegaGames so that you will have
255 health points. If you don't like to start over a million
times and just want to have some fun with this really
terrific new shareware game, cheat!

I recommend that you save copies of all your game save
files (they are named JN1SAVE.? where "?" is a number from 0
to 5) before running this program.

Place the JILL1CHT.EXE file in the same directory as the
save files and enter JILL1CHT to modify the files.

When you start up the game and restore an altered file,
you will only have 6 health points the first time (don't
ask me why). You must either:
1) Start the game, restore the save file, then restore it
again to get all 255 lives.
2) Start the game, select PLAY, and THEN restore the save

If you want to manually edit the save files with a hex
editor, you must first calculate the number of the byte to
be altered since the health byte moves around and the save
files are of variable length.
Look at the value in byte number 4000h (16384 decimal).
Multiply the hex value at this location by 1F (31 decimal)
and add 4004h (16388 decimal) to the result. This is the
number of the byte to be altered. Change this byte to FF to
get 255 lives.

This program is brought to you as FREEWARE by Michael P.
Hoffmann and is copyright (C) 1992 by Michael P. Hoffmann,
all rights reserved.

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