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ISLE WARS v3.0. Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse. Never touch the keyboard as you try to conquer countries and continents in your attempt to rule the world of Isle Wars. Sequel to Battle For Atlantis from Soleau Software.

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Never touch the keyboard as you try to
conquer countries and continents in your
attempt to rule the world of Isle Wars.
New features have been added such as air
moves, earthquakes, rebellions, floods,
bonus cards, and production centers. Options
include, sound toggle, save game, score
boards, speed play and multiple levels
of difficulty.

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ISLE WARS v3.0. Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse. Never touch the keyboard as you try to conquer countries and continents in your attempt to rule the world of Isle Wars. Sequel to Battle For Atlantis from Soleau Software.
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Contents of the ISLEWAR.DOC file



Programed by William Soleau
(c) 1991
Version 3.0 Oct 1993

Requirements: 100% IBM EGA GRAPHICS & MOUSE
Hard Disk Strongly Recommended

Files Needed
Islewar.ov0 Islewar.ov1 Islewar.ov2
Islewar.ov3 Islewar.ov4 Islewar.ov5
Islewar.ov6 Islewar.dat Islewar.jft

* Objective *

The object of Isle Wars is to conquer all nine islands
with your armies. You play the Blue army and the computer
plays the other three adversaries, the Green, Red and Brown.

Isle Wars is totally Mouse controlled, so you will never need
to touch the keyboard. Isle Wars is quite simple to learn and offers
different levels of play. The game rules are very similar to the
classic game of 'Risk', however, there are many other elements that
you will have to contend with in order to conquer all nine islands.

* To Play / Setting Levels *

At the opening screen, the game will ask you at what level
of difficulty you would like to play. This setting will now
become the default for future games. The difficulty level is
determined by how many starting countries you occupy at the start
of the game.

The difficulty levels are: 1 = Easy to 4 = Hardest. You then
set the number of armies that are possible in each country at the
start of the game. The maximum is 10 the minimum is 1.

If you want to continue a game previously saved, here is where
you have the opportunity to reload it, and resume play.

* Getting Armies *

The game randomly decides who will take the first turn. At the
beginning of each turn, you are given armies for the number of
countries you occupy. That number is divided by 3 and gives you
that number of armies to place onto the board. Each island gives
you extra armies if you totally control all its grids.

The island values are shown below.

2 4 3 5
4 5

* Placing Armies *

You will be shown the number of armies you have received for
that turn (minimum is 2). The computer will ask you to select the
destination city. This is the number in the black box located
in each country. Click the left button on the city number where you
want to place your armies. You will see the city number displayed
on the bottom left of the screen. If this is the right location,
click the right button. The computer will now ask you how many
armies you want placed there. The number below the City number is
the number of troops you have presently in that grid. At the placement
window (bottom of screen) are three buttons (ALL) (OTHER) (DONE).
If you want to place all your troops in the country you selected,
click on (ALL). If you want to place some of the troops in the
country, click on (OTHER).

If you have selected (OTHER), click the Left button to add troops
one at a time or right button to subtract by one. Your total troop
deployment will be shown above the cursor. When you have set the
proper number, click on the (DONE) key. This continues until all the
armies you have been given for that turn are placed onto the board.

The game will prompt you with all the instructions, so don't
worry. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it.

* Attacking *

Once you have placed all your armies, new buttons will be
displayed at the bottom.


To attack another grid, it must be adjacent to the grid you're
attacking from. There are lines from island to island that allow
you to travel across the water (in ships) to a attack other islands.
You can only attack another grid if your total number of armies in
that grid is to equal or greater than the number you're attacking.

Click the mouse on (ATTACK) and the computer will ask you
to select the territory you want to attack. Click the left button
on the territory. When that territory number is displayed on the
bottom left, select the territory you want to attack from.
Remember you are playing the BLUE army.

The computer then rolls dice (not shown) to decide the
outcome. If the attacking army has a higher number than the
defending army, then one army will be subtracted from the defending
city; the opposite is true if the attacking army loses. A tie
will count as a loss for the attacking army because the defending
city carries the advantage. At higher levels of army concentrations
like 300 against 200, the computer will speed up play by rolling
about 25 times before asking you whether you want to attack again.

There are two buttons which are shown while attacking:


Keep clicking on (ATTACK) if you want to continue attacking.
If you want to call off the attack, click the (QUIT-ATTACK) button.
If your attacking army ever gets down to 1, then you will forfeit
not only the turn, but also the grid to the defending army. That
means if you have 2 troops left and are attacking an opposing grid
with 1 and you lose, it now becomes occupied by your enemy. Play
then passes to the computer.

If you can deplete the enemy to 0 armies, the computer will
ask you how many troops you want to move into the grid. Select the
number as you do when you deploy your troops. The only stipulation
is that you have to move at least one army into the conquered grid.
You can then continue to attack, etc... until you decide to
finish your turn by pressing, either the (MOVE) button or the (PASS)

* Move Armies *

At the end of each turn, you are allowed to move troops between
two adjacent countries. Click on the (MOVE) button and select the
two countries (BLUE). Then the computer will ask you to select the
number of troops to move. Use the select number panel as you would
when placing armies. After your move is complete, play will then
pass to the computer.

* Pass *

If you do not want to move armies, simply press the (PASS) button
to indicate your turn is over.

* Cancel *

Press this button if you change your mind on an attack, move,
etc... Sometimes the computer will get confused as to where?
and from? because you clicked several different countries.
Just press (CANCEL) button and try again.

* Cards *

If during your turn, you defeated an opposing army, you will
be given a card displayed on the bottom of the screen. These cards
are for various Bonus Armies, Bombs, Air Moves, etc... The CARD button
at the bottom shows you what cards you presently have in your hand.

* Card List *

Air Move: Allows movement from any country to
any other country (of your color).

5/8/15 Bonus Armies: Adds this many armies to your total
at the beginning of your turn.

Double: This card doubles your placement
total at the start of your turn.

Bomb: Allows you to bomb any country.
The effects of the bomb will be
shown in the new value of troops
shown in that opposing country.

Anti-Bomb: This protects you from a bomb drop
on your own countries from the
other computer players. If you have
only one Anti-Bomb card in your
hand, it will protect you from an
opposing bomb. If used it will be
eliminated from your hand
automatically. Don't trade in 3
sets of Anti-Bombs, it gives you
nothing. If you have more than 1
Anti-Bomb card and it is used to
protect you, all the Anti-Bomb cards
will be taken from your hand. Therefore,
you'll only need to collect one of

Lose All Cards: If you draw this card, your
cards are all taken away.

Wild Card: Matches any other card.

* Trade In Cards *

To Trade in cards, the computer will inform you automatically
at the start of your turn whether or not you have a match. A match
is 3 cards that are the same.

For example: 8 Bonus / 8 Bonus / 8 Bonus

or 8 Bonus / Wild / 8 Bonus

or Wild / Wild / 8 Bonus

(3 wild cards are not a match)

If you have a set, they must be exchanged at the
top of your turn. You will only have one opportunity to
decide if this is what you want. The computer will show
your cards and ask you to click LFT for trade, RGT for no

If you select Trade with LFT click, then you carefully
select the three cards you want by clicking on top of them.
If you make a mistake you CANNOT reverse your decision. If
you selected three cards that don't make a set, the computer
assumes you don't want to trade in cards, and will start your
play. If your 3 selections makes a set, the computer will
adjust your troop deployment totals accordingly or for a bomb set,
ask what country...etc...

You can only hold 5 cards in your hand at once. If you have
more than 5, the computer will ask you which card you want to
discard. Click on the card to eliminate and make room for your
new card.

* Situations / Disasters / Production Centers *

At various times during the game, certain events will occur.
These will have a dramatic impact on the game play. These events
are random and you cannot predict them.

They are as follows:

1 = An Earthquake has hit the Islands (3 or 4 grids).
2 = Flooding has inundated some grids (3 or 4 grids).
3 = A rebellion has occurred in one of the countries.
4 = Rebels have taken control from an opposing army. The
grid changes hands.
5 = Production Center increase. All armies located on
the Production Centers indicated by a (*) below
the City number will be doubled!

If the message is one of the first four, Hold On!, it
could hit in grids that you occupy. The computer will
indicate which grids are hit and some men will be
deducted from their total.

If it says Production Center Increase and you happen to
occupy a grid with a (*) in it, your number of armies
will double in that grid, of course that goes for your opponents
as well.

* End Of Game *

If you are eliminated from the game board by the computer's
other armies, you will be shown a special menu that will allow
you to concede that game and play another one. The score will be
recorded as a loss on that level. You can also have the computer
play the game out to find out who will eventually be the victor.
The computer will play at a very fast pace. Every 20 moves it will
ask you again whether you want it to continue play or to begin a
new game.

If you are the victor, the game will end and your score totals
will be shown.

* Option Buttons *

Every time your turn comes around, special Option Buttons will
appear at the top left of your screen.


Sound : Toggles sound on and off
Scores: Shows Isle War Score Board
Speed : Increase speed of play
(1-9) 1=fast 9=very slow

I like speed set at 1 so I can play my turn faster each time.
However, you won't be able to figure out the computers strategy as
easily because it moves too fast!!

(Save) : At the beginning of your turn (BEFORE YOU PLACE
YOUR ARMIES), you will have the opportunity to
save the game board at this point. When you
begin a new game or reload the game, you can
reload the game and continue on where you
last left off. Only one game can be saved in the
computers memory, so the game last saved will be
the one reloaded when this feature is invoked.

(Quit) : You can quit the game at any time and begin a new
one when it is your turn to play. However, if you are
not ahead at the time you decide to quit, your score WILL
be recorded as a LOSS at that level. If you have 30 or
more countries it will be considered a win at that level.
Less than 30 is a loss!

* Conclusion *

The best way to learn is to just begin to play. It takes only
a few minutes to master the commands but it will take hours to
learn the best strategies to defeat your opponents. Games average
from 8 to 45 minutes (I've had one last 4 hours!) depending on your
speed level.


Running Isle Wars from Windows may cause unexpected results. The
game should be played by loading it directly from the Dos prompt.

* S O L E A U S O F T W A R E *

Isle Wars is distributed as Shareware. You are welcome to give
this game to your friends or local BBS. If you like Isle Wars and
continue to use it, we ask you to register the game with us. Soleau
Software depends on your registrations in order to continue
providing an alternative to expensive commercial software. The
registered version of Isle Wars greatly speeds up the loading and
exiting of the program.

Your $15.00 registration of Isle Wars will instantly make you a
Soleau Software Member. All members receive special discounts on
our other games through special bonus package offers sent with your
disk. Members also have the option to include an extra $6.00
dollars for our Member Disk Pack which has EIGHT of our most
popular Shareware EGA/VGA games on a High Density Floppy Disk.

This offer is for Members Only, so please take the time to read the
Isle_reg.doc file for details and register Isle Wars today !

We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope you will
continue to enjoy this as well as our other Shareware products.


William Soleau

Soleau Software
163 Amsterdam Avenue
Suite 213
New York, NY 10023

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