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Neat IQ test. Needs Windows 3.1.
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Neat IQ test. Needs Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUGFIX.TXT 512 273 deflated
README.TXT 1732 845 deflated
WINTELLI.EXE 89144 21463 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is the Wintelligence IQ Determinator, Version 1.50 (to see a list of
the bug fixes, see bugfix.txt).

This package contains the following files:

WINTELLI.EXE - the Wintelligence IQ Determinator, Version 1.50.
BUGFIX.TXT - a list of past versions and upgrades completed.
README.TXT - the file you are now reading. General information.
HORNDOG.EXE - only included at some sites.
- a 'calling-card' for my shareware products.
- should be placed in \windows\system

This package requires:

VBRUN300.DLL - Visual Basic run-time library.
- can be found on majority of sites.
- ask your sysop.

I encourage all users of this program to upload to their favourite sites.
All that I ask is that you upload the zip file in the state that you found
it. In other words, upload the files listed above, with the exception of

If anyone has problems or questions concerning Wintelligence, you can contact
me as follows:

Snail-Mail: Michael Heacock Internet: [email protected]
4100 Cabot Place [email protected]
Victoria BC CANADA [email protected]
V8N 4V8

Mike Heacock (November 15, 1993)

PS All text boxes (the boxes into which you enter answers) will always
erase zero (0) answers. This due to how Windows works and because of
how variant variables work. So that you don't get confused, there is
no question on this test that requires a zero (0) for an answer.

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