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Instant Buzzword Generator, by Bob Lancaster.
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Instant Buzzword Generator, by Bob Lancaster.
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Instant Buzzword Generator
New! From BLSoft

How many times has this happened to you: You are
working away busily at your computer, when the phone rings.
It's your boss, asking why the project is over deadline...

Your reputation, your job, maybe even your entire
career may depend on your answer. What will you say?

* * * *

Or this: You are trying to impress a prospective client
with the many features of your latest program, but
everything you can think to say has been said countless
times before...

A lucrative deal and untold millions of dollars may
hang in the balance! What will you say?

* * * *

Or even this: You are at a bar, trying to impress a
prospective date with your dazzling command of technical

Your self esteem, your evening, and your pitiful excuse
for a social life are all at stake. WHAT WILL YOU SAY??

* * * *

Instant Buzzword Generator to the rescue! This user
friendly desktop utility is just the answer to your prayers!

BLSoft, using integrated artificial intelligence
techniques and advanced recursive analysis, has crafted this
comprehensive on-line infostructure.

Using it, you can come up with such impressive phrases
as: "User-Friendly Desktop Utility", "Integrated Artificial
Intelligence Techniques", "Advanced Recursive Analysis", and
of course, "Comprehensive On-Line Infostructure". Think of
how glib and impressive your new-found vocabulary will seem!

And yet, since the phrases are ultimately meaningless,
they commit you to nothing!

A booming career, an uncountable fortune, and a full
and diverse social calendar are now within your grasp. And
all thanks to the Instant Buzzword Generator!

To run the Instant Buzzword Generator, simply type
"IBG" at the DOS prompt, and one of more than FOUR THOUSAND
buzzwords will be generated instantly for your use!

If you find IBG to be of use, and would like to
register your copy so as to receive updates, I would suggest
you seek psychological counseling.

However, if you want to cast disparaging remarks at the
author, or just plain visit a well run bulletin board, dial

The Microlink Computer Users' Group Bulletin Board
(818) 961-7903 1200/2400 24 hours

By the way: Site licensing for the Instant Buzzword
Generator is available for corporations with software
budgets so large they have no idea what they are buying.
Leave me a message at Microlink, and I'll get back to you
with a price. (Please state just how large your budget

Bob Lancaster
November 1986

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