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Hints for solution of Hugo, a new shareware adventure game.
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Hints for solution of Hugo, a new shareware adventure game.
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By: AMA 02/18/89

First off, I want to make it clear that you should save the game before you
enter each room/screen and then save it after you are out of that room/screen.
Make sure you have all the items you need from that room/screen first.
Otherwise your save is just a waste of time. PLEASE remember this. It is
very important!!!!

Pick up the pumpkin and then type "DROP PUMPKIN". Pick up the key. Unlock
and open the door. Now that you are in the house you see the professor
walking upstairs. Ignore him for now. Get the candle on the table. Then go
to the small opening under stairs. Don't bother trying to get in there. It
wont work. Type "LOOK UNDER STAIRS". Get the two items that you see. The room
immediately to the right is the dining room. The monsters are feasting but
at this point if the butler comes up and recognizes you he will chop your
head off. GET OUT OF THERE FAST before the butler can catch you!!!! Trying
to kill him with the penknife won't work. There are two doors in here. It
doesn't matter which door you go through just get out of there. You will
return there later (with the proper attire) to obtain what you need from
the butler. The kitchen is the room next to the entrance room and the
dining room. There is nothing in there accept a broom that I haven't been
able to obtain. The back door of the kitchen leads through a yard to a
shed, at the present time you can't enter the shed. It has a combination lock
on it. Return to the house. The room to the left of the kitchen has a very
BIG dog in it. If you go in there, he will eat you!!! If you are in the
kitchen and blow the silver whistle, he will come in there and eat you...
Walk upstairs and go in the room at the end of the hall. There you find the
Laboratory, the professor and Igor. The professor and Igor seem glad to see
you. When the professor speaks to you, follow his directions. Afterward,
the professor will leave the room. It appears you have shrunk!!! Don't
worry, there is a purpose for this. Exit the box and go over to the table.
Make sure you are behind the glass door. Type "LOOK AT TABLE". Get the
rubber bung off the table. Now how was it that the professor got Igor
to do this to you in the first place? Get back in the box and type, "TELL
IGOR PRESS BUTTON". After a couple tries you'll be your old self again and
be able to leave the room. The room directly to your right is the bathroom.
Type "LOOK IN MIRROR". Remember those numbers. Now the last upstairs room;
the bedroom. Open the closet. The game is very touchy here so be specific.
Type "LOOK AT HEAD". The game will tell you what it actually is. Pick it up
and head back downstairs. Go back in the kitchen and out the back door to
the shed. Now those red numbers come in handy. Once in the shed, type "LOOK".
Get the item and leave. You can experiment with the tree but there is no
real purpose for it. Go back in the house. You must now disguise yourself.
Look in your inventory. There is an item there that will do the job. Go in
the door directly to your left. You are now in the dining room. When the
butler asks you if you would care for a .... and you hit the spacebar,
respond immediately by typing "YES". Otherwise you will miss your chance and
have to wait for him to ask you again. After he is finished talking to you,
exit the room through the door by the china cabinet. Now you are back in the
kitchen. Here is a very IMPORTANT place to save your game. (By the way, did
you know that each command is executed only when you hit return? Therefore
you can walk around with a "loaded" command). Here is another touchy point.
You must be specific. Type "THROW DOG CHOP" but dont hit the return button!
Enter the room where the dog is and immediately hit return. If, by chance, it
tells you that you aren't close enough just keep trying. You will get it
right. If you get eaten before you had the chance to throw the dog the chop
then all you have to do is restore the game from when you were about to enter
the room and try it again. Once the dog sits by the chop go over and pick it
up (this gives you more points). The room looks pretty empty and if you type
"LOOK" the game will only say something about the dog. There is a big rug on
the floor. There is something about that rug. CLUE: When you get to the
part about the trapdoor being bolted shut, type "OIL BOLT" (this is very
important). Now we come to the basement. You see Penelope through the
door but you can't open the door. Make sure you SAVE here. Take a walk
around the basement. If you walk between the right set of rocks you will find
yourself in a batcave and these bats are very quick and deadly. LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Now, back in the basement, find the right item in your inventory
and then type that command and go back into the the batcave. Hit the return
button to execute the command as soon as you enter the batcave. The effect
won't last long so you better keep moving. Now we come to a cave with a
mummy. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART OF THE GAME. Save as soon as you get in this
cave. The only way to keep the mummy from killing you is to get him stuck.
There are several places you can manage this BUT only two places (that I have
found) keep him stuck long enough for you to get the object on the floor. Once
you have done this you must move quickly towards his tomb. He will be hot on
your trail!!! As soon as you walk through the tomb you come to a cave with a
lake and an old man. Go over to the boat. There are two things you will need
to use from your inventory before you get in the boat (I will leave that to
you to figure out). You will discover that you have nothing to move the boat
with. Typing row or paddle won't work. Type "PUSH BOAT". Now we come to
the old man. Talk to him. After a couple of paragraphs he will start asking
you questions. Let's hope you know the answers. It would take away the
challenge if I gave them to you!!! If you answered any of the questions
wrong, have no fear. When the old man is finished talking, just type "TALK TO
MAN" and he will start over with his message and questions. If you get them
all right he will ask you one last question. No matter what your answer is,
you will discover after the man is finished talking that this is as far as you
can go in the game without sending in the required amount to register it with
the person named under F1 - directions for the game. AT LEAST THIS IS THE
CONCLUSION THAT I HAVE COME TO! Well, you have to admit, if you played this
far into the game then you liked it ! ! !

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