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Sliding tile game, new up-to-date version of an old game. Very well done, graphics are excellent, many challenging games.
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Sliding tile game, new up-to-date version of an old game. Very well done, graphics are excellent, many challenging games.
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Contents of the HOTBOX.DOC file

HotBox 1.21
The Sliding Tile Puzzle from Space
Written by Steven C. Slawin
(c) 1990 by tMoD Software - All rights reserved.


The following files should be included in the distribution archive:

HOTBOX.EXE - The main game program
HOTBOX.CFG - The puzzle patterns
HOTBOX.DOC - This documentation file
PRODUCT.LST - A list of other tMoD products


HotBox is based on the old sliding tile puzzles that used to fascinate us
for hours, but we've added a few new twists. The computer will prepare a
tile pattern which will be drawn in a square at the upper right corner of
your screen. Your task is to duplicate the pattern on the main puzzle by
sliding the multi-colored tiles into the open square, one at a time.

You may only move the four tiles immediately adjacent to the open square.
A timer just below the board will tell you, at a glance, exactly how much
time has elapsed as you try to solve the puzzle. To successfully complete
the design, you MUST finish with the empty square in the SAME position as
as depicted in the example pattern. Did I say it was going to be EASY?

There are more than 100 puzzles to challenge you, with still more planned
for release individually in the form of "puzzle packs."


CURSOR KEYS - Move your highlight block
ENTER/SPACE - Slide the highlighted tile
ESC - Quit HotBox
B - BOSS! (type EXIT to return)


/HELP - Display the HELP screen
/NOTIME - Nixes the timer

HotBox is shareware and may be freely distributed without modification.
If you enjoy this game, we encourage you to recognize the author's work
and register by sending a $7 donation to:

Steven C. Slawin - 118 Cherry Lane - Tampa, FL 33610

You won't get anything for the $7, except the satisfaction that you have
helped make the shareware concept work. If you play the game but decide
not to register, then you will become very will go into the
refrigerator and there will be nothing there except a greasy, slimy, two
week old peppers and egg sandwich. And because you are so hungry you'll
pick up the peppers and egg sandwich, and the peppers and egg will slide
out of the bread and fall on your feet ruining those brand new shoes you
just spent $95 dollars on. Now isn't it worth $7 to protect your invest-
ment? Think about it!

You may contact the author for comments/suggestions via:

The RIME Network SHAREWARE Conference and
through WWIV Net, E-mail user #185 @8352

or call:

(813) 289-3314 or (813) 282-0023
Sysops: Jim Sharrer and Kathi Webster
1000's of GIFs online - 24 hrs a day

(813) 239-1339 in Tampa, Florida
Sysop: Alleykat
Running GLOBAL WAR - 24 hours a day


Version 1.00 Beta version.

Version 1.21 Initial release.

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