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HogBear. Graphic adventure game pits you against monsters as you go from room to room searching for treasures and weapons.
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HogBear. Graphic adventure game pits you against monsters as you go from room to room searching for treasures and weapons.
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END.PIC 18008 1150 deflated
FILEDESC.TXT 3008 1269 deflated
GAMEDESC.TXT 1361 791 deflated
H1.SCR 4007 461 deflated
H2.SCR 4007 706 deflated
H3.SCR 4007 483 deflated
HA.SCR 4007 135 deflated
HF.SCR 4007 125 deflated
HH.SCR 4007 626 deflated
HOGBEAR.EXE 135706 62371 deflated
HOGBEAR.PIC 16128 1421 deflated
IN.SCR 4007 361 deflated
IN1.SCR 4007 858 deflated
IN2.SCR 4007 630 deflated
IN3.SCR 4007 620 deflated
KY.SCR 4007 256 deflated
NAM.SCR 4007 112 deflated
NP.SCR 4007 248 deflated
OP.SCR 4007 290 deflated
READBEAR.1ST 3596 1903 deflated
THEFAST.COM 942 780 deflated
THEFAST.DOC 3447 1410 deflated
WN.SCR 4007 434 deflated

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Contents of the FILEDESC.TXT file

HOGBEAR.PIC : only picture ever taken of dreaded
HOGBEAR: used by game
END.PIC : Your reward for winning the game (suitable for
HOGBEAR.EXE : The game itself. Be sure all files (except
ARTICLE.EXE )are in directory with game.
HOGBRARC.EXE : The entire set of files in self-extracting
archive form for placement on a bulliten
board. Does not include this file.
READBEAR.1ST : Short documentation for game, and more
detailed description of files.
H1-H2-H3.SCR : A Short commercial from the authors
HF-HH.SCR : Your pictorial introduction to HOGBEAR
NAM.SCR : Enter and sign in please
NP-OP.SCR : The welcome mat for old or new players
KY.SCR : A help screen
IN1-IN2.SCR : The rules of etequite in HOGBEAR MANOR
IN3.SCR : A parchment picture of some of the treasures
HA.SCR : The HOGBEAR gets the last laugh

Hogbear is an adventure game fashioned after the
game of CASTLE. We have added what we feel are
interesting twists to the game. The monsters can be
reincarneted at random. If you quit the game without
saving it, when you restart the game all the treasures
and weapons needed to kill the monsters are relocated in
the rooms (the furniture is left, just the ARTICALS are
moved). This can lead to an unwinnable game (Maybe), if
the weapon and monster end up in the same room. If you
are fast enough you might win. Then again you might
Hogbear creates and destroys a file on the disk with
the extension of <.FIL> ie-. Be sure to
install Hogbear on its own disk or sub-directory as any
files with the extension of .FIL on Hogbear's disk or
directory will be destroyed also.

We have tested the game for several months using
many testors. We realize that try as we might we may
have left some unforseen anomolies in the game. If you
find a strange or unusual occurence (BUG!!!) while
playing the game leave a message on COMPUSERV
73377,1345 or GENIE k.seal.

Please feel free to place this game , The file HOGBEAR.ARC,
on any bulletin board where you feel others will copy it
and enjoy it.

Thanx a bunch for all your help and GET THE HOGBEAR !!!
KEN and DAVE The original HOGBEARS

HOGBEAR Software Inc.
P.O. Box 152
Lumberton, NC 28359-0152

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