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Good sound program. Type letters and hear sound.
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Good sound program. Type letters and hear sound.
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PMC Software 3/22/86 HEARTYPE.BAS

The purpose is to make a free computer program that will allow
the blind to hear what they are typing. This was done on a crude
scale by modifying the public domain program called TALKER.BAS.

How does it work?
The program is loaded into BASIC on an IBM PC compatible
computer (this writer uses a TeleVideo TPC-IID). Then run the
program. You can then type anything that you want. Nothing will
be printed on the printer until near the end. At 70 columns on
the screen, the person will receive the message "one one" as a
sound. This means he has 9 or 10 spaces left and should hit enter
soon for a carriage return. He continues to enter information for
24 lines on the screen. On the 25th line, he will hear "one one"
at the beginning of a line. The user may then hit SHIFT-PrtSc to
print the screen on his printer (or redirect the output to a
file, if he has previously loaded a program like VPRINT to allow
the information to be saved to a file on disk). Then the user hits
ENTER two or three times and starts a new screen of work. This
continues until he hits CTRL-BREAK to end the program. This
program allows the blind to type and get feedback on numbers and
letters. But all work is in capitals. Most punctuation will be
sent to the screen(though not heard). The space bar makes a
beep for feedback to the user.
This program requires an IBM PC computer or compatible and
should be used the first several times with someone who can show
the limitations and explain what is happening on the screen.

I wish that I had more time for this program, but I am not
very clever and have not done very well. However, there may be
someone who will benefit. So, if that is the case, I will have
been able to accomplish my goal. Thanks to the maker of TALKER.BAS
who did most of the work!

I am located at 1013 S. Lyman Ave. in Oak Park, Illinois 60304.
I received nothing for this program and expect nothing. Thanks if
I have been of help! My phone number is 312-383-7794 during the

Sorry, but there is no warranty or anything with this!
p! My phone number is 312-383-7794 during the


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