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Guide the elf Percival through twenty levels of puzzles featuring 256-color animated graphics Heartlight is a puzzle game from Epic.

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Guide the elf Percival through twenty levels
of puzzles featuring 256-color animated
graphics! Heartlight is a puzzle game from
Epic MegaGames and XLAND Games and it's sure
to keep you up late at night as you try to
conquer all the ingenious levels. Requires
386 or faster processor. Supports Sound
Blaster and Adlib music cards.

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Guide the elf Percival through twenty levels of puzzles featuring 256-color animated graphics Heartlight is a puzzle game from Epic.
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Contents of the HELPME.DOC file

Heartlight PC * Instructions & Troubleshooting Info * Version 1.0

Heartlight PC Requires:
* A 386 or faster IBM-compatible PC
* VGA graphics
* Hard disk

Also supports:
* Sound Blaster, SB Pro, and compatible music cards

To start Heartlight PC:

1. Switch to the drive where the game is installed (C:)
2. Switch to the subdirectory where the game is installed (CD \HEART)
3. Type HEART to begin.

Common problems and solutions


This game should work properly under Windows and OS/2 if you turn all
sound card support OFF by running SETUP. However, if you want to hear
music or sound through your Sound Blaster or SB Pro, only run Heartlight
through DOS.

Here are some more Windows and OS/2 tips:

1. Even though Heartlight will work under Windows with sound card support
turned OFF, the graphics will run more smoothly under plain DOS.

2. If you try to run Heartlight through Windows or OS/2 with sound card
support ON, you'll get unpredictable results - it probably will not
run properly.

3. If you encounter any problems running through Windows or OS/2, exit and
run Heartlight through plain DOS instead! This will likely solve any
problems you are encountering.

4. Running Heartlight through the "MS-DOS Shell" in Windows (or the
OS/2 Dos box) is NOT the same as running it straight from DOS. For
best results, you need to completely exit from Windows or OS/2 and run
it from the DOS prompt.


Problem: When I run Heartlight, the game refuses to start and gives
me the message "You need (amount) of free memory to run this program".

Solution: You need to free up more main (conventional) memory before
starting Heartlight. Here are some solution tips:

1. If you are trying to run Heartlight from Windows, completely exit
Windows and try running it from DOS.

2. If you are trying to run Heartlight from "DOSSHELL" or any other
menu program, please exit from the menu program. Then, run Heartlight
from the DOS prompt. Menu programs often occupy enough memory that
there won't be enough left for Heartlight.

If neither #1 or #2 solves the problem, do the following:

1. From the DOS prompt, type "MEM" and press Enter.

2. You'll see a lot of information about your computer's memory. Look at
the number after the words "Largest Executable Program Size". This is
how much memory you currently have available.

Now you need to free up more main memory. Here are some tips:

1. If you're using DOS 6.0 or later, reboot your computer by pressing
RESET or Ctrl-Alt-Del. Wait for the message "Starting MS-DOS..." to come
up. Now press the [F5] key.

This will cause DOS 6.0 to bypass all of your TSR's, memory managers,
and other programs which normally occupy main memory.

Now change into the Heartlight directory and begin the game.

2. If you have a version of DOS earlier than 6.0: You need to create a
"boot disk" to allow you to start your computer without loading all
the TSR's and memory managers that take away main memory. Here's how.

A. Put a blank disk in your A: drive and format it as a DOS disk. (Don't
do this in your B: drive - it won't work!) To do this, type the
following command:


B. Wait while your computer formats the disk.
C. Label the disk "Boot Disk" and keep it handy. You'll need this
disk whenever you want to start Heartlight.

Now, you can reboot your computer and play Heartlight:

A. Put the boot disk in your A: drive.
B. Restart your computer, either by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE, by
hitting your reset button, or by turning it on.
C. Wait while your computer boots from the boot disk.
D. After a little while, your computer will stop and give you the A>
E. Now change to your hard disk by typing "C:".
F. Go into the Heartlight directory by typing "CD \HEART".
G. Begin by typing "HEART".

Note to owners of "Stacker", "Superstor", and other hard disk compression
programs: If your C: drive is compressed and you need a boot disk to
start Heartlight, you must install Heartlight on a different,
non-compressed drive. See your manual for instructions on doing this.
(This only applies to users of DOS version 5.0 or earlier).


Problem: When I run HEARTLIGHT, the computer locks up or reboots.

Solution: Run SETUP and verify that your settings are correct. If you are
not using a sound card, make sure that SETUP is set for "No Sound Card".

If you are using a sound card, Heartlight may not be compatible with
your settings. We recommend setting your sound card to address 220,
DMA 1, and interrupt 2, 5, or 7. Other settings may not work properly!


Heartlight should work fine with the PAS, PAS+, and PAS-16 sound cards.
You need to run SETUP and tell it that you have a Sound Blaster card.

Important! To run Heartlight on any Pro Audio Spectrum sound card, you
need to have the PAS drivers loaded properly. Heartlight will only recognize
your PAS card if the drivers are loaded. See your PAS manual for
instructions on loading the right PAS drivers in your AUTOEXEC.BAT and


If you need further assistance, please call our tech support department
at 301-983-9771 between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Standard Time, or fax us
at 301-299-3841. You can also contact us online:

Mail: 70451,633
Messages & Files: GO EPIC

Mail: [email protected]

Contact: Epic MegaGames
2400-14.4K Baud: +44 (0) 442-891-109

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