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DOOM New Level. Laura Beyer's Haunted House Demo Level. With new graphics sounds and monsters.

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@X1ELaura Beyer's ADD ON LEVELS@X07
@X1E Gravis Computer Technology@X07
@X1E Brady Publishing & @X07
@X1E Renegade Graphics. @X07
@X1E BBS# 604 428 9507 @X07
@X1E @X07

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DOOM New Level. Laura Beyer’s Haunted House Demo Level. With new graphics sounds and monsters.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 507 224 deflated
INFO.TXT 1431 665 deflated
LBDEMO4.BAT 586 295 deflated
LBGFX.EXE 1315699 1310959 deflated
LBINST.EXE 28607 27888 deflated
LB_ORDER.TXT 1987 779 deflated
READ.TXT 2094 1055 deflated
RG_ORDER.TXT 1466 590 deflated

Download File HAUNTED.ZIP Here

Contents of the INFO.TXT file

This level was released by the authors.

This level is not complete. Some graphics, sound, and parts of the level
have been removed to make it smaller for downloading. The Full version
comes with the other levels when you register.

This is level 7 of the Laura Beyer Add on level package.

You should have unzipped this file to your Doom directory.

This program will change your original graphics, so it would be wise to back
up your directory or create a new directory for these levels.

We recommend you reinstall Doom in another directory specifically for
our levels.

This will give you new & Better graphics, Sound and more.

If you do not have the registered version of DOOM, you should not be
sending us money yet. You should first purchase the real game from

You can order the original game by calling 1-800-idgames. Then you may enjoy
our add on levels. They put a lot of work into this great game and deserve
your order. Please REGISTER.

If you wish to have us send you all 9 levels by mail (plus the 3 BONUS Levels)
See the file LB_ORDER.TXT

If you want to get the tools that we used to create this,
see the file RG_ORDER.TXT

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