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Cheat to Holloween Harry game.
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Cheat to Holloween Harry game.
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Contents of the HARRYCHT.TXT file

This program will modify all of your save game files for
Halloween Harry 1 (by Apogee) so that you will have 75 lives and
75 omegas, thermogrenades, photons, missles, and micronukes.
You will also be given $25,000 to buy more ammo.
If you don't like to start over a million times and just want to
have some fun with this fairly decent new game, cheat!
I recommend that you save copies of all your game save files
(they are named SLOT.? where "?" is a number from 1 to 5)
before running this program in case you want to play as a mortal
Place the HARRYCHT.EXE file in the same directory as the save
files and enter HARRYCHT to modify the files.

This program works by changing the following bytes:
byte 20h (32 decimal)=omegas
byte 21h (33 decimal)=thermogrenades
byte 22h (34 decimal)=photons
byte 23h (35 decimal)=missles
byte 24h (36 decimal)=micronukes
bytes 25h and 26h (37 and 38 decimal)=$
byte 27h (39 decimal)=lives

If you are handy with a hex editor, you can advance levels by increasing
the value stored in byte 29h (41 decimal). Please note that the save file
is stored as a simple substitution cipher where the stored value is equal
to the actual hex value XOR 29.
What is XOR 29? XOR is an operation performed at the binary level. Each
bit of the result is set to 1 if the corresponding bits of each operand are
For example:
01h is 00000001 binary
29h is 00101001 binary
If you XOR 01h by 29h, you get
00101000 binary=28h

Thus, 01h is stored in the save file as 28h.
Here are some examples to get you started:
00 29
01 28
02 2B
03 2A
04 2D
05 2C
06 2F
07 2E
08 21
09 20
0A 23
and so on.

You can play around with the other bytes as there does not appear
to be a checksum involved, but remember that the values are saved after XOR29.

This program is brought to you as FREEWARE by Michael P. Hoffmann
and is copyright (C) 1993 by Michael P. Hoffmann, all rights reserved.
INTERNET: [email protected]
[email protected]

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